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Mummy Returns, The - Tattoo? What?
In the Mummy 2 the main guy has a tattoo on his wrist which was supposed to mean he was a warrior to protect his wife (or something like that). And, he said he got the tattoo when he was just a young orphan.. BUT in the first Mummy, he never even HAD a tattoo on his wrist! How could this be true if he had gotten the tattoo when he was a orphan?
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Contributed By: Chud247 on 05-07-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Wildwoman'sdaughter writes:
You are correct in thinking that a tattoo was never mentioned in the 1st movie, but, you'll notice that O'Connell covers the tattoo with a thick wrist cuff, a cuff which he wore throughout the original. So, however stupid the tattoo gimmick may be, it is not entirely without justification.
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badkarma writes:
The tattoo was always there! He wore a wrist bracer throughout the entire first movie that covered up that wrist, it was only revealed in the Mummy Returns
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Sarah3264 writes:
The exact quote was, "Oh, I got that slapped on me when I was in an orphanage in Cairo."
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Stiffler writes:
I just watched the Mummy (the first one) and he has a leather band on it all threw the film.
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Jimmie Hoffa writes:
In the first one, he had the wrist cuff on, so there's no way to know if it was there or not, attention to detail !!
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Elizabeth writes:
Rick wears a wristband over the tattoo in The Mummy, except for in one scene where Brendan Fraser forgot to put it back on after lunch, a slip up in it's own right. But also on the same arm where he has the tattoo in The Mummy Returns he has a small tattoo on his hand in The Mummy, the one between his thumb and forefinger that he no longer has in The Mummy Returns. Another slip up, because I'm pretty sure they didn't have laser tattoo removal in the 30's.
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BethS writes:
If you look closely, the tattoo is on O'Connell's right hand, almost in the "web" between his thumb & forefinger. Although, I think that might be a slip-up in itself, because in the script, the reason why he wears that wristband is to cover up the tattoo.
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Sammy writes:
In the first one he was always wearing the band so how could you tell if he had the tattoo or not?
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Kim writes:
Rick does in-fact have a tattoo in the 1st film in the "web" between his finger and thumb! This is in-fact a tattoo of the eye of Horus! but this is not the tattoo referred to in The 2nd movie! He may have had the tatto on his wrist in the 1st movie and as you all say he DID have the wrist band on at all times so we wouldn't know!
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mayechild writes:
He wore the wristband through the whole first movie, correct? So we don't know if the tattoo was there or not. He is still missing a tattoo in the second movie though. First movie: On the same hand as the leather cuff he was a tattoo of the Eye of Horus on the webbing of his hand between the thumb and index finger. Second movie: The cuff comes off the reveal the tattoo, but the one of the Eye of Horus is completely gone.
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Czarveillance writes:
The tattoo is not in the "web" between his anything. It is on his wrist and the reason you cannot see it in the original is because he wore a wrist band through the whole thing. This is something I wondered about too after seeing the sequel so I watched the original again just to answer that question.
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hawkes writes:
Wasted Element, I'm sorry but you are INCORRECT!! That small tattoo on the BACK of his hand can be seen at least 41 times in the first film; pretty much every single scene in which Brendan is in (and we see his right hand)!
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The Taco Guy writes:
Is it my imagination, or didn't O'Connell say that he got it when he was stationed in Cairo?
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taydile writes:
The problem here is there's two tattoos. In the first movie, in one or two shots, you can see an Udjet Eye (Eye of Horus [or Ra]) in the web of his hand. The other tat is much bigger and is on the back of his wrist (supposedly covered up by his bracer during the whole of the first movie) and has some kind of triangle symbol.
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jwoo writes:
The way it went is like some of you said. In the first movie, the tattoo was covered. In the second, it was on the wrist. I've seen this movie over 10 times, and in the beginning, the son, Alex, takes off the cuff on the right arm to get a look at the tattoo. The camera first shows a full shot of the entire hand and it is clearly visible to see that the tattoo is on the wrist.
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WastedElement writes:
As for the tattoo you see in the first movie, which you only see in one scene (the scene when he's holding Benny up to the fan), it's on his actual hand, not wrist and it's a tattoo of a snake. It's a tattoo that Brendan really has, it wasn't for the movie. They just forgot to cover it up with make up. As for the tattoo in the second movie, like most everyone has already stated, it was "apparently" covered up in the first movie by a wrist cuff.
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Chud247 writes:
I don't know, but he did say he got it when he was just a young orphan. Who knows? That could be another slip-up within itself...???
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breandan_fan03 writes:
Well, in one scene, Brendan forgot to put the brace back on. It's when the immediately before the warden rams into the wall (when Rick, Evelyn, and Jonathan come into the hallway). There's no tattoo there, but it's reasonable because 'TMR' wasn't adapted until AFTER 'TM' was out. So any mistakes couldn't be fixed.
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chikkychappy writes:
Maybe he was lying when he got it when he was an orphan... which means that maybe the tattoo had just appeared when the scorpion king problem is about to arrive.
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sadie writes:
O'Connell did not say he had it done when he was a little orphan! I might be wrong, but I think he said he had it done near an orphanage in Cairo. He did not say when, which means he could have had it in the many years in-between both movies! which could be the reason he doesn't have it in the first movie. He does have a cuff on, but that isn't the point.
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Notum writes:
Maybe he meant orphan as in 20-something loner searching for lost historical treasure in places no one thought existed?
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