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Patriot, The - Wrong Uniforms
Tavington's troops were called the 'Green Dragoons' because their uniforms were GREEN!
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Contributed By: Scrooge on 05-03-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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kpckidd writes:
Hello I work at the American History Museum in Concord MA. The Green Dragoons were called green because of the training program in South Wales or also known as Marland Uk. It was green because thats what the original uniform looked like when the training process began. there where also red,orange and blue Dragoons. They all wore red.
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Kelly writes:
They were called green dragoons, and they wore red to impress the fact that the soldiers WERE British. The director thought that by using red they would be better identified as British by viewers. So although the historians pushed the directors to use green, they decided against it.
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Madina writes:
Their uniforms WERE green. They were red in the movie so that people wouldn´t get confused about who they were.
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Ann writes:
Also, if you look there is green trim on their uniforms, they are different from the other uniforms of the officers
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keith9th writes:
Tarletons (tavington) dragoons uniforms were green. He had an officers commission in the loyalst unit known as the green dragoons. Thier coats were fully green because at this time most loyalsts had green coats. On that note it is NOT trim they are facings!!!!!
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sweetpea_sex writes:
The Uniforms was green. But they wore red coats over them. Look close on the movie.
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mjoker writes:
Army's around the world help identify the different branches within the military by assigning them a color. Pre-modern uniforms (like those worn during the revolution) wore trim the color of there branch. Here's a break down of the Colors: Blue= Infantry (foot soldiers) Red= Artillery (Cannons, a.k.a. big guns) Green= Dragoons (Heavy Calvary, main weapon was the saber) Yellow= Calvary (Regular John Wayne type calvary, this was considered a small part of anyones main strategy, then during the Mexican-American war Dragoons were found to be obsolete and the Calvary to precedence, their main weapon is th carbine) This is why their trim is differnt. It's to show their "specialty"
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Angie writes:
Funny enough I am watching The Patriot on tv right now. Where most of the redcoat uniforms are blue, Tavingon's is green. Guess I never really noticed until I read this slip-up.
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theglory54 writes:
If you check the uniforms of the Dragoons, unlike the other uniforms, they had a green trim where as the soldiers had blue trim. This refers to the Green Dragoons.
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EggGuy writes:
The reasons that they were called green dragoons was because most of them were loyalist colonials brought up from smaller units.
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