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Mummy Returns, The - Poor Choice of Weapons
On the trailer, there is a fight scene in which two women are fighting each other. A pair of Sai (three pointed truncheon) are being used as weapons. Any practitioner of Kobudo knows that the Sai is an oriental (Okinawan) weapon from the 1600's, not an Egyptian weapon from 2000BC.
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
Sai fight from the Mummy Returns
Sai fight from the Mummy Returns
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Special Requirements: It's on the promotional trailer
Contributed By: Jim Z. on 05-02-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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O\ |_ | É /\/ writes:
Duh, O'Connor and them are in 1933, but, it clearly states at the bottom before that fight "2000 BC". Not 1933.
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Ancient Wells writes:
OK folks, here's the facts. The history of the sai may indeed date back to 2000BC. It began its life as a farming impliment, used by farmers to plant rice and other similar foods. However, when the island of Okinawa was subjugated by the Satsuma samurai in 1609, their Japanese opressors outlawed weapons in order to control the island's population. The farmers, in response, adapted their farming impliments into weapons in order to fight against the samurai. Among them, the sai was adapted, transformed from a two piece bamboo impliment to forged metal. Also, the world that Egypt traded and had relations with, as far as the archeological and written records tell, did not extend to Japan or Okinawa. There is also no archeological example of a three pointed truncheon, or a trident weapon, yet discovered in Ancient Egypt. Not even as a farming impliment. Sorry guys, but the chances of the trident being an accurate representation of 2000 BC Egypt, though possible, is highly unlikely. But always keep in mind, Hollywood has never been known for its accuracy to history. It has, however, peaked the interest of the average citizen, in history. If not for the movie, we wouldn't even be discussing the true history of Egypt or Japan, now would we?
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Ari writes:
PAC: Actually, B.C. does mean "Before Christ" which is short for "before the Christian Era". A.D. means "Anno Domini" which means "Year of our Lord" in Latin. This time-recording system is somewhat incorrect, yes, as it was made many years after Christ's death. I'm not sure WHEN it was made. But Christ was born in 4 B.C., 4 years before A.D. It was originally meant for Christ's birth to be the marker between the shift from BC to AD.
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Megan writes:
It isn't a poor weapon choice! For the movie, they addapted oriental and egyptian weapons & moves... egyptians used weapons similar to the Sai, if not the sai...
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demon_913 writes:
Many of the ancient civilizations borrowed stuff from other cultures, so it isn't hard to imagine that the Sai did exist in some form in 2000bc Egypt.
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Ezmo writes:
Er... She WAS reincarnated... so it made sence that the fight took place in ancient times...
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Tashira writes:
if egyptians wanted a 3 pronged knife thing they could make it. after all, at the time they WERE the most advanced civilization in the world
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fight21 writes:
Sai's were martial arts weapons, I believe they never made it to Egypt, and especially at that time. I've read a lot of martial arts history, and it never mentioned anything about Egypt. I do agree they would have something similar though. When I first watched the movie, that part I didn't agree with because of the weapon choice, but I loved the fighting scene!
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~*Blondie*~ writes:
Who cares? the little sword thingies made the movie pretty cool!
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Tigeris1621 writes:
It says 2000 B.C. That means "Before Christ" which means NOT NOW!! So, basically, it was 2000 years before the year 1.
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Mysto writes:
Sai may be a Kubado weapon, but we also use it in regular Tae Kwon Do, so why couldn't the ancient Egyptians use them.
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pac writes:
This comment goes for the person who said that BC means "before Christ". BC stands for something that is Latin, which doesn't mean BEFORE CHRIST. Jesus was born during BC, which means that the transition from BC to AD happened during his lifetime. this doesn't have much to do with the movie, but let this be a little lesson to all of you.
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JoeStracke writes:
Can anyone point to a link depicting an ancient Egyptian sai-like weapon? One comment claims numerous hieroglyph references, while another speculated “might have had”. These are as pointless as me saying ancient Egyptians might have had color televisions, and providing verification citing arbitrary references from undisclosed sources. There is either evidence, or there is not… guessing is beyond worthless.
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The Google Queen writes:
I did some googling because my husband and I had a running argument about this very topic. I found a picture of ancient Egyptian weapons and I saw two weapons that look like they may be sais (plural?), but they're not. They're just fancy knives.
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boardsurfer writes:
The Return of the Mummy was never in 2000BC it even says the date quite well at the begining as 1933. And I don't care about the weapons cause the first time they used the Sai's or Sai was in ancient Egypt. OK?
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Hapime writes:
There are plenty of Egyptian heiroglyphs with Sai like weapons for use in battle and for entertainment. Also quick note that Egypt was trading with other Continents and it is quite possible that cross-culture techniques were used during those times.
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