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Die Hard - Not so Fast, Smarty
In the television newscast where the "terrorist expert" is being interviewed, he brings up the possibility that the hostages may have "Helsinki Syndrome." Then one of the anchors, Harvey, says "As in Helsinki, Sweden." The expert corrects Harvey by saying "Finland." While Helsinki is, indeed, in Finland, the actual name for the syndrome the expert is talking about is the Stockholm Syndrome. And we all know that Stockholm is in Sweden. So maybe Harvey wasn't that dumb after all.
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Contributed By: Mickm on 12-19-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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storm+the+dog writes:
There is no 'Helsinki Syndrome', that's the first joke. The second is that the "terrorist expert" was no expert because the correct name is the 'Stockholm Syndrome', as WE all know it is, but HE didn't. OK? The third joke is that the anchor, while trying to be helpful, was just plain stupid in placing Helsinki, which is the capital of Finland, in Sweden (at the same time relocating it to the right country - and that's irony folks!). Clever - and I guess extra funny if you happen to be Swedish/Finnish. If you still don't get it, move on...
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storm+the+dog writes:
Gee, what tosh! If you understood the antagonistic (though friendly) knock-about relationship between Swedes and Finns, you would find these lines incredibly funny. A VERY clever piece of writing, imho.
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PeMeR writes:
Before Russia conquered Finland from Sweden in the war of 1808-09 Finland was the Eastern half of the Swedish realm, so in those days Helsinki was indeed in Sweden. :)
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brightsaber writes:
maybe they just wanted to be sneaky and make you think about which one it really was. maybe they wanted to say the stockholm syndrome but for some reason were unable to and so they made a round about way of saying it. hmmmmm.
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sUrREaLmONk writes:
Highly unlikely. This definitely would appear to be a slip-up on the part of the script writers, who obviously didn't have, or take, the time to research this. Good find!
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Scolman writes:
How do you know what he said and what he meant was different? While there is a Stockholm sydrome, they may have made up the "Helsinki Syndrome" for the movie. Maybe the dude writing the book (Who is a 'authority on world terrorism') made a new syndrome in the book called "Helsinki Syndrome"
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