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Star Trek Voyager - Borg Survivors
In the TNG episodes The best of both worlds 1 and 2 the fleet engages the Borg at Wolf 359 and is almost completley destroyed. Later the Borg cube self distructs. How can there be members of Star Fleet assimilated by the Borg in the Delta Quadrant? There in the episode where Chakoty meets the disconnected Borg, one of them human who was assimilated at Wolf 359.
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Special Requirements: A knowledge of the series
Contributed By: Patrick Coogan on 04-27-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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pokedave2001 writes:
That's a big one! But not really, remember the raven? Or who said there was only one ship. Or do you remember the Hugh episode?
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Patrick Coogan writes:
I'm aware of the Raven and Hugh episodes but I am almost certain on both occasions the Borg attacked earth they sent only one cube ( it think the Borg have a bit of an ego thinking they only need one cube). When Voyager encounter a fleet of 15 cubes they are extremely shocked. One more thing how come the Borg queen is in Voyager when she was killed in First Contact is it something to do with her species, could some one explain this?
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AJK writes:
1. Borg cubes travel VERY fast. They could easily have assimilated Alpha quadrant races then travelled back to the Delta Quadrant. Besides, they've got a kilo of plastic on their bodies, they can't be identified THAT easily ;) 2. The Borg Queen is Star Trek Voyager's big f*** up. They have killed her once in First Contact and once in Voyager now, and are probably going to do so again in the future. This is pathetic, and they only do it cause they've run out of ideas. :)
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Mythmander writes:
The Queen can't be a slip-up. It's impossible. I bet that she has a Sub-Space transmitter implanted somewhere in her body. She makes an always updating copy of herself and immediately sends it to the super complex (seen in Dark Frontier) If she is killed, the complex would know because the transmit-ions (sorry, spell check)would end and build a new one, putting the copy in it.
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Shalroth writes:
I agree. Even though she's slightly different-looking (different actress), there's no evidence that she is meant to be the same 'individual' (FWOABT). In 'Year of Hell' Seven revels the Borg were present during the first warp-flight (First Contact) even though they didn't finish building the interplexing beacon. It's possible that when one queen is killed, the hive promotes another drone to Queen status. This is plausible since all the knowledge of the borg is shared.
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Shawn writes:
Picard was surprised to see the Borg Queen in "First Contact," because he remembers her being killed on the cube which self-destructed. Her explanation is vague at best, but she basically implies that she can be killed and still be alive somewhere else. (My theory is she has a set of spare bodies at Unimatrix One, and when she is killed, she uploads herself into the next body.)
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Mr. Masks writes:
First of all, there can be federation assimilated drones in the Delta Quadrant because the Borg use Transwarp Conduits, which is basically the same thing as the Quantum Slip Stream Drive that was in the alien vessel that Voyager found. (I think the Transwarp Conduits are faster, though). Anyways, if you remember the series finale of Voyager, also, you remember Captain Janeway (The young one) asking Seven about something she said in a past episode about a Subspace Hub. There are only 6 in the universe and each one could take them anywhere instantaneously. And the Borg Queen that someone else mentioned really isn't a slip up. If you remember, in Star Trek: Generations, the Enterprise was practically destroyed. But, the season kept going on. And, in First Contact, they just killed the body the Queen was in. In Voyager, they infected the Queen with a Neurilitic Pathogen, which she spread throughout the collective because she is the one who talks with ever drone, thus infecting them, and the unicomplex was destroyed. Regardless, I think it was a great idea to use the Queen in the last episode. If you think about it, the Enterprise was destroyed THREE times in the last episode of The Next Generation, but no one complained. *L*
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Aaron of Borg writes:
It has been established(can't remember where) that each ship (cube or otherwise) has its own queen, who controls the ship. The ship queens are connected to a main queen, presumably in the main Borg complex. Therefore, there can be more than one queen killed.
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Peter Shams-Avari writes:
Since the Borg are likened to bees (hive, queen, drones, etc.), when the queen bee of a hive is killed, the worker bees can "make" another queen. This is done by feeding royal jelly to a larva bee.
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Ted writes:
You must also remember that there was a time difference between the battle at wolf and the attack on Earth, it is very possible that the cube met another cube and re-crewed and transfered damaged drones for repairs. And in First Contact the Queen says the Picard thinks in 3-dimensional terms, this implies a higher level of technology than is understood. Besides it is just a show and has been around for 35 years and is bound to have slip ups, yes some are a little to big to be just slip ups, maybe they were planned.
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EILER writes:
The borg can regenerate themselves almost instantaneously, so don't you think that they might have the ability to clone, which can mean they might have a good number of unconscience cloned queens somewhere just waiting to be animated and take control of the borg? Or they just have a bio sample of the queen that they could clone another queen out of?
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BorgKiller writes:
Any borg vesile can be deplyed to any part of the galaxy in MINUTES, not instantally. Also, back to the point, a Borg cube could come out of know where, grab a ship and go. Remember the episode 'Dark Fronter' Seven parents followed a Borg Cube through a transwarp conduit, which took themn to the delta quadrent in minutes.
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Talkingfish writes:
The Borg queen definitely is a kind of immortal. Her body was clearly destroyed in First Contact, but she comes back, albeit portrayed by a different actress, in Voyager. As someone already said, she was also purportedly destroyed when Picard/Locutus was made human again. The clear implication is that her body is just a part of her whole being. However, the Queen in First contact was not in contact with the greater collective. That is why they had to make a big interplexing beacon out of the the Enterprise deflector dish. Perhaps the Borg in the 21st century did not have keen enough receptors to 'hear' a transmission from the Queen's skull-implanted interplexing beacon. We later learn the 7 of 9 has an interplexing beacon in her skull. And the Doctor, Harry and Chakotay use it to send a message through time, no less, fromn the alpha quiadrant to the Delt Quadrant. Thus is seems that 24th century Borg can communicate at will across the galaxy, but that the 21st century variety can only detect signals from a large, powerful beacon as big as the Enterprise's deflector dish. As for actual Borg drones that survived the incident at Wolf 8472 (or whatever, I think I got that confused with fluidic space) it is possible that they were shipped off to the DeltaQ in one of those little Borg spheres or capsules for conditioning, or to drain off more info about the Alpha Qu. I would say that the drones are a slip-up that needs explaining--as a good sci-fi fan friend of mine used to say, "Continuity is for Babylon 5." The Queen, on the other hand, is clearly a planned element. First Contact addressed the issue, and as far as I am concerned, that resolves it. How boring it would be if the Borg Quenn had whipped out a pointer, wheeled up a blackbord, and explained exactly how the information had been transferred to the Delta Quadrant to the new Queen's brain! :-)
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wizard writes:
You know the episode of Voyager, right at the end of the series where the two Janeways meet? Well, in that, the Borg queen is there and there's been one in First Contact and one in TNG, so there must be multiple of her. But then aren't Borg part human, part machine? So how could all the Borg queens' faces be the same?
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kalock writes:
Everyone has talked about CLONED Queens... I think it was in episode. Unimatrix Zero... The Queen was telling Seven about when she was assimalated.
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Kobali writes:
The queen's original species is Kobali, a race of people who take dead bodies they find around the galaxy and re-animate them. This technique is assimilated into the borg memory bank. You will be assimilated and your technology used for the good of the collective.
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Launchpad_72 writes:
The Borg Queen has already been established such that there is one queen for the entire collective (whoever said that there is one on every ship is *very* wrong), and that whenever the queen dies, a new one is created from an existing drone or new assimilate-ee. By my count, the borg queen has been distroyed at least twice in Voyager (once in Dark Frontier, and once in Endgame) and at least once in TNG. I don't see any continuity issues here. I'm sure Alice and Suzanne would agree.
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Chaim writes:
Ok, let's just clear this up real quick. In Homecoming (the novel sequel to Voyager) they state quite clearly that there's something called the Royal Protocol, and whenever a queen dies, the Borg download it into another drone who then becomes the queen. Why the same face? Because they like continuity. As for Wolf 359 (an actual place in space, just btw), it's quite possible something hapenned, but I'm not 100% sure.
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