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Titanic - Funnel Wrongly Smoking
Various times in the film the ship is showed with all four of its funnels smoking when in-fact only 3 of the funnels were 'active' and the fourth was placed there because when the ship was being built the designers/engineers said it didn't look right with only 3 funnels so they added another one. The fourth funnel would not have been smoking, I have looked this up and it's true!
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
looks like all 4 are smoking....
looks like all 4 are smoking....
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Contributed By: Sam Scholey on 04-26-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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dave writes:
At which point in the film do you see smoke coming from all 4 funnels, because I haven't seen any of those scenes, and Cameron knows this fact (as does every other Titanic historian) and he quotes it several times when referring to the making of the film.
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jbick writes:
Watch pretty much ANY scene showing the entire ship--all four stacks are emitting smoke. Some have argued that the "dummy" stack was used as kitchen ventilation, hence the smoke--but come on, it still wouldn't emit as much smoke as from the boilers!
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KCM writes:
I've heard that on the real Titanic they actually kept spare chairs in that smokestack...just a little fact-o-the-day. :oD
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AndyMan writes:
I don't know for sure, but I think that the reason it looks like all funnels are smoking is because the wind is blowing the smoke from the first three back towards the third. I could be wrong though.
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CricKet writes:
The movie did have smoke coming out of the fourth smokestack. On the real Titanic, the fourth smokestack was used to make the ship look better.
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Princess49 writes:
Yes. You're right, but I read in an interview with J.Cameron, that the 4th one was right above the kitchen, and when they cooked and stuff, the smoke/steam would filter out of it.
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QuickEye writes:
The three smoke-stacks were smoking. The fourth one was not smoking. It only had smoke coming out of a ventalization pipe! DUH
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Michael writes:
The 4th funnel was neither for exhaust or for ventilation of kitchen fumes. It was a 'dummy' funnel, not only for esoteric reasons, but the management of the White Star Line knew that immigrants would generally fare passage on a liner that had the greatest number of funnels; i.e., a two-funnel ship had better accommodations in 'steerage' than a one-funnel ship; a three-funnel, better than a two, etc. Please refer to Walter Lord's book, "A Night to Remember" as well as "Titanic" which also goes into detail about her two sister ships, The "Olympic" and the "Britannic". Some of this thinking prevailed among the first- and second-class passengers though White Star was loathe to admit it.
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C-Mike writes:
How can you tell if all four smokestacks are smoking? The picture of the ship is too far away to tell. Get a better picture to confirm this slip-up. Besides, smoke coming from the fourth funnel is not a slip-up, per se, because it could be around lunchtime for the passengers, therefore the "fake" funnel is letting out smoke from the kitchens because that's where it was ventilated from.
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