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Smackdown! - Pre Tapped Stuff at a PPV
Ok, this didn't actually happen on Smackdown, but at Unforgiven I think. Anyway, the PPV where Stone Cold dropped HHH from a fork lift in a car.
If you watch when they're outside before it happens, it's pretty dark. Then, look at it when the car actually gets dropped. It's really light compared to what it was.
Also, another slip up that happened on a smackdown was the whole Kane "Wassup" thing. Undertaker couldn't help but crack up. He turned his back and laughed.
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Special Requirements: A Tape of Unforgiven
Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-23-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Chris writes:
hey shadow. i could be wrong, but weren't they step/half-brothers? you can have a different last name if your step/half-siblings, as long as you have the same mom. and they did have the same mom, because Taker's parents died and are in the urn, while Paul Bearer is kane's dad, therefore, they would have had to have the same mom.
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Shadow writes:
and another thing Kane is not his brother his real name is Glen Jacobs and undertakers name is Mark Callaway trust me i have been watching wrestling since i was 3 i should know:)
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STUDLY writes:
You're both wrong, it was the Survivor Series. And Besides Stone Cold wrestled Rikishi Unforgiven.
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Notum writes:
Oops yeah, my bad. It was Survivor Series. You'd think I'd have caught that seeing as how the 6-man Hell in a Cell and Armageddon was one of my favorite matches.
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T w 0 writes:
First off, this isn't a slip-up. They pre-taped it because if they didn't it would be obvious that it's 100% fake. They pre-taped it on purpose. This is like saying there's Eminem in a Dr. Dre video and it's a slip-up. Just think, if they didn't pre-tape it, then Triple H would be crippled. They pre-taped it so Triple H wasn't in the car to avoid injury. Do you think they're going to risk their top notch super star just so it can look more real? Nope.
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jesse writes:
All right it was Survivor Series.
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Shadow writes:
Dude,He has a pretty serious and evil gimmick and it whould just mess up his caracter seeing a cool and tough biker dude laugh at something like that,but why whould a satanic monster go Wazzup
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mrppv writes:
Rikishi faced Stone Cold at No Mercy, not Unforgiven. All that Stone Cold did at Unforgiven was beat up Shane O' Mac.
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Pinga writes:
I was at that Survivor Series and the light was a white street light that was in the back of the dome. But one sli up that happened that night was it was raining when Triple H was in the car but less than a minute later outside it was supposedly dry. That's because they pre record things like that and the DX bus incident on Smackdown! The bird's the word, your welcome.
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Matt writes:
You all are wrong it was at Surviver Series (November 19, 2000). Look at the website at (
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babygirl101b writes:
sumtimes they pretape matches for PPV to save time the nite of the event cuz they taped a match between Chavo Guerrero and Paul London at Smackdown for Vengeance when i went this yr
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Notum writes:
Okay, first off, it was ARMAGEDDON, not Unforgiven. Sheesh. Austin wasn't even actively wrestling by Unforgiven. Second off, if it didn't happen on Smackdown, make a new subject for it under Armageddon. No one posts Matrix slip-ups under The Simpsons heading. And third, the Undertaker was just being in character. Kane was doing something goofy, and the Undertaker, his brother, was just giving him some fraternal teasing. Not a slip-up at all.
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