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Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back - Imperial Troops Have Entered the Base!
As I understood it, the first Imperial troops to actually enter the Rebel Base on Hoth were Darth Vader and his landing party. The Imperial walkers were, at the time, still mixing it up with the Rebel ground forces. Darth Vader could not land on Hoth until the shield generator that protected the base from aireal assaults was knocked out. However, in the control room we hear "Imperial troops have entered the base!" about a minute before General Veers shoots and destroys the shield generator. Imperial troops could not have entered the base because the generator was still operational, hence, the base was still protected. We hear the same announcment again about a minute after the shield generator is destroyed, just before Darth Vader and the stormtrooper enter the control room.
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Contributed By: EricKoch on 12-15-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Hack Ace writes:
Vader was able to start his landing before the shield generator was destroyed. The AT AT driver (was it Veers?) contacted Vader BEFORE he had destroyed the shield generator and told Vader he could start his landing. (You can see the hologram of Vader on the Comm station of the AT AT when he tells Vader ye may start his landing.)
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moses writes:
Not to mention the fact that there are ground troops moving on the tunnels as well, not all of which are with Darth. The sheild is meant to prevent arial attack and ship landings. How do we think the rebel troops got on the ground?
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Rogue_Merlin writes:
OK, it works like this: The purpose of the energy shield was not to make the Rebel base inpenetrable for an indefinite period - once detected, the Rebels had a very short period of time to evacuate. The purpose of the shield was to *delay* the Imperials long enough for the transports to escape. Therefore, the shield was designed to 'withstand any bombardment' - but clearly not a ground assault...because that takes longer! Darth Vader could begin his landing, with his crack snowtroopers, because 'the shield will be down in moments'...meaning that air support will be imminently available. Darth Vader's troop transport landed, he swarmed into the base, just in time to watch the Falcon punch out. As for the AT-AT landing, they would have been dropped by Star Destroyer-launched AT-AT barges - big boxes with engines on - outside the perimeter of the shield umbrella. Make sense?
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Sax_Man writes:
What, exactly, does the fact that General Veers had 6 AT-ATs have to do with hack ace's comment?
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wesley58 writes:
how did the at-at's get on hoth before the shield generator was destroyed a star destroyer? someone tell me
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CloudVII writes:
Hack ace.... If you have ever played Star Wars Force Commander, you would know that in The Battle of Hoth you command Veers Blizzard squad that has 6AT-ATs. and before that mission on Yavin you must rescue him before he is killed by the Rebel Scum. Thank you and good night.....
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