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Gladiator - The Only Undefeated Gladiator, Apart from the 1st One!
When Maximus is about to fight Titanus, he (Titanus) is introduced as the only undefeated Gladiator. However, earlier in the film, Proximo tells Max he was a gladiator and that he received a wooden sword from Marcus Aurelius, in recognition of him winning his freedom. Obviously, he had to be undefeated and I assume, alive, to do this.
The original ending was supposed to be Max fighting Proximo (The only undefeated gladiator) until Ollie Reeds untimely demise. You would have thought the script writers would have came up with something better than switching Proximo's name with that of Titanus.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 05-02-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Melandry writes:
Ooo, here's a shocker! Historically, not all gladiator fights were to the death, because gladiators were a big time investment. Really good ones were worth lots of money. So Oliver Reed could have been defeated in a fight (or several) that was not to the death, and still be around to tell the tale.
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Du Nomad writes:
Proximo even stated flat out that he won his freedom not because he was the best, but because he was popular. Not all gladiatorial fights ended up in death . . . it was very costly to train gladiators and owners wanted to protect their investments. If a gladiator fought valiantly, and put on a "good show", he would many times be spared. In fact, it wasn't really all THAT common to see two actual gladiators fight . . . it was usually a trained gladiator against a lightly armed (i.e., a knife) slave or criminal. If the non-gladiator showed enough bravery and fought well, he may have been spared.
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Josh writes:
The conditions for receiving the wooden sword was not for an un-defeated gladiator, but for one who shows exceeding bravery several times. Proximo could have been defeated but the emperor spared him because he was a very popular and amusing gladiator. The term un-defeated gladiator only applied to a gladiator who was obviously never killed or never brought down to his knees. What I mean by that is if he believed he was to injured to continue to continue the fight so he threw away his sword and shield and begged the emperor, the vestal virgins, and the opposing gladiator for mercy.
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Jim writes:
"His name is not Titanis, it's Tigris Agol!" Uh, 'expert'? It's Tigris OF Gaul - not Tigris Agol. Gaul (modern-day France) was a fairly well-known part of the Empire. Certainly, one that should be well-known to someone calling himself an expert.
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Samhain writes:
Maybe they meant Titan was the only undefeated Gladiator who was still a Gladiator... Not retired or whatever Proximo was. Free I guess is the word.
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Vasilis("Gladiator expert") writes:
His name is not Titanis, it's Tigris Agol!
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friekatoni writes:
Also, as well as the whole definition of the word undefeated, Cassius wants to make maximus look weak, and Tigris look strong, so maybe he wants to exaggerate facts a little, the audience in the Coliseum wouldn't have known better.
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