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Back To The Future 2 - Is There a Catch?
1. When Biff in alternate 1985 tells Marty the exact circumstances under which he got the almanac, Biff says that he asked the old man (2015 Biff) if there is a catch.
2. Later on, Marty witnesses the 2015 Biff giving 1955 Biff the almanac.
3. 1955 Biff doesn't ask if there is a catch. It just goes on from 2015 Biff proving that it isn't a fake, to him saying that all he (1955 Biff) has to do is bet on the winner and he'll never lose.
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Special Requirements: Back To The Future 2
Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-17-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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shawn writes:
But remember when Biff shuts the garage door, you can hear the voices of the two Biff's fading with the words "someday a kid or a crazy wild-eyed man who claims to be a scientist is gonna show up askin' about that book...." and then they become inaudible, so it is quite likely that young Biff asked about the catch after this happened. They were still in conversation.
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teebone writes:
First of all, do you really expect a person to remember exactly what he said thirty years ago? And also, of course he is going to hype the situation up. After all, it is with this meeting that he won his millions, so of course he is not going to make himself look like a fool and say that he didn't believe "himself".
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Kevin writes:
He did say there was a catch, sorta. After the radio finished saying UCLA won 19-17, Biff said "What's the gag man, how did you know what the score was gonna be?"
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kelandra writes:
As many people have mentioned, this is no slip-up! People never remember conversations EXACTLY as they occurred when they re-tell it, especially not 30 years or so later! This isn't a slip-up at all.
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Marty McFly, Time Traveller writes:
You're not thinking fourth dimensionally! He DID ask if there was a catch, sort of. He said, "All right, Pops, what's the gag? How did you know what the score was going to be?" That's close enough to asking if there's a catch, don't you think?!
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Mr. T writes:
Shawn could be right, but also think about it. Do you ever maybe change a few things that happened during a conversation or event because either you forgot what happened or wanted to spice up what happened? And I know that was significant happening in Biff's life, so he may remember more exact details, but can u remember something that you said 5 years ago, let alone 30?
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jamm265 writes:
It is exactly like Shawn said. As far as exact words no one said the characters said anything verbatim. They can paraphrase, 'oh yeah the old man said one more thing, someday a young kid or a crazy old man claiming to be a scientist...' basically the same as old biff told young biff, and that was the catch. When in the car about the game scores 'what's the gag' is not the catch. It is young biff asking 'how did you do that'.
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schooldude56 writes:
I entered this slip-up and I entered my username schooldude56 where asked. I am not 'Anonymous'.
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