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Fifth Element, The - Life After Death
Watch the scene in the movie where the military comes to Korben's apartment to talk about the mission to save the Earth. When Leeloo and Victor (The priest) knock on the door, Korben shoves the 3 military guys into the fridge. Later in the same scene he opens the fridge to find them all dead and frozen from the auto-wash. Then later in the movie during the gunfight in the opera hall, Ruby is talking to the president and some other military guys over his microphone. Then at the part where Ruby says "They're big, they're ugly, and they stink" there's the same guy who died in the fridge nodding his head and saying "Mangaloids". I can't believe no one figured that out yet.
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Contributed By: Duo God of Death on 04-19-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Scolman writes:
Who said anything about them being dead? They where just frozen and had to be thawed out. Before you say that they can't be resurrected since they are dead, this is the same movie that managed to recreate a whole human being from a few bits of DNA left over from a crash site. Even if these guys where dead and couldn't be revived after being frozen and then thawed, there should be some fresh DNA left over to recreate them again.
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GatorFC writes:
Who says the military guys died in that scene? I always thought the scene was there for comedic effect to show that they got autowashed and frozen but NOT dead. Anyway, the guy that says "mangaloids" was Bruce Willis' character's commanding officer, I doubt that Bruce or the movie's writers would have killed him off that early in the movie or at all.
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Bobby writes:
They weren't dead, they were very cold
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donajos3 writes:
Being frozen doesn't mean that they were dead. In the scene where the mangaloids got the guns and they blew up, later you see the leader that was only wounded.
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Steve writes:
Uh, I don't think that they were supposed to be dead....just frozen Unrealistic, I agree, but acceptable in the context of the fantasy aspect of the story. Does anyone else agree?
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Duo God of Death writes:
Uhh Scurvy, Korben's fridge does freeze things. Its called auto-wash.
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Rebecca writes:
Okay, I thought the auto wash was when the shower ran water to clean itself? I know that the shower was above the fridge, but what does auto wash have to do with them getting frozen?
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ambruss writes:
If they are really "dead" and frozen, then how is it that, when Korben says "I'll take the mission" and closes the fridge door, if you watch closely you can see General Monroe's eye close as Korben closes the door. Maybe this was a slip-up or maybe it was supposed to show they were not dead at all. Or perhaps he was just really tired. Either way, he was not dead.
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Verity writes:
First of all the priest's name is Vito Cornelius, not "Victor." Secondly, if you were listening, Korben said to Leeloo, "...there's an auto-wash in that shower..."
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Cory Balthazr writes:
It's supposed to be funny.
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Scurvy writes:
You obviously mistook this movie for a historical documentary. I don't think that Corben Dallas would shove three military officers into his fridge if he knew they would die as a result. The "dead frozen" look is meant as comic relief, a visual exaggeration implying the absurdity of the situation. People do not die as a result of being put in a fridge for two minutes, now or in the future. What kind of a stupid refrigerator deep freezes all its food in a matter of seconds? Please think before posting here.
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beka182tx writes:
OK, first of all, the autowash has nothing to do with the refridgerator. The auto wash cleans the shower. The people are frozen because they are in the fridge, but obviously they didn't die because they showed up later in the movie.
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