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Grease - Blurred Out Sign
I don't know if it's an historical innacuracy that the filmmakers attempted to remedy through very poor editing or the result of a sponsor pulling out, but in the scene where Danny sees Sandy with Chissum at the Polar Freeze, the sign on the wall behind Sandy and Chissum is blurred out. It looks like an old timey Coca-Cola ad, but at certain points in the scene, the blur-out spreads into Sandy's and Chissum's hair.
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Grease blurred picture
Grease blurred picture
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Contributed By: EricKoch on 12-15-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Wallace's Mullet writes:
Pyro, the blurring of the sign was intentional, but the blur going into their hair was the slip up being pointed out. Next time don't jump the gun and try to put down a good slip up someone put up.
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Jussac writes:
And at any rate it was a slipup anyway. The filmmakers only discovered they'd done something wrong after filming and tried to remedy it by blurring out the sign. That's an editing flub.
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Tara writes:
The picture is blurred out because at the time the movie was made, it wasn't allowed to promote products in movies.
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oswald writes:
I commend you -- I've seen this flick a thousand times and I never, ever noticed that...
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Freddy writes:
It is a slip up. The blur might have been intentional. But the sign wasn't. I was not supposed to be there.
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Mellybean writes:
I noticed the blur the first time I watched, when I was much younger, and I didn't ever understand until years later when I realized laws about promoting products. I still don't understand why they didn't just NOT include the sign. ??
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sarah writes:
If they weren't allowed to promote products then why is there coca-cola signs everywhere else in that same scene
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speedy03860 writes:
Actually, I read somewhere at one point Grease was to have Pepsi-Cola as a sponser, but at the last minute, Pepsi backed out. So Coca Cola was approached as a sponser and they accepted, but some of the movie was already filmed, that scene was one of them, so instead of reshooting that scene, the advertisement for Pepsi was blurred out.
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Gary Lynch writes:
This drove me mental for years!! I looked again the other day, and later in the same scene, when Sandy and Danny are talking at the jukebox, there is a notice board of some kind. On this there is a smaller blurred out sign, presumably blurred out for the same reason.
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nancyb writes:
The simple fact of the matter was that Paramount studios was owned by Pepsi Cola. Or maybe it was vice versa. Anyway, they were certainly not going to allow Coke ads to be shown ,and so had to blur them out.
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Pyro writes:
This would be a really great slip-up, except that... IT WAS INTENTIONAL!!!!!!!!! They did this on purpose! I hate when people put intentional things in the slip-up archive!
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