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Dragonball Z - Where Are the Sayains!?
1 if you watch the dbz episodes after the cell saga you see Goku in the "other world" or something like that. well he enters a tournament and fights till the last match.
2 When you see him fight "Pikkon" he goes Supersayian, and everyone is really really amazed by this transformation.....
3 HEY! if everyone who died is in the Other world then where are the sayians!? and if they where there and left didn't at least one of them reach the level of Supersayian? If you ask me this is a pretty big mistake!
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Contributed By: Ketra_the_winner on 04-24-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Notum writes:
They're so amazed because Super Saiyan was though to be just a legend! Look at Vegeta, up until the time Goku was on Nameck, Vegeta's only thought was to become stronger than Freiza. However, after Goku went Super Saiyan, that was all Vegeta, or the other Saiyans/half Saiyans could think about. Not everyone in the afterlife can see to earth, and all the bad guys that knew about Goku going Super Saiyan went to Hell. Therefore, they never knew that anyone really could.
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Epyon writes:
The earth has a check in station right? So maybe they have their own place where people go when they die. Ever think of that?
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The Endless writes:
Its a sort of "false Saiya-jin". Its the mid point between regular Saiya-jin and Super Saiya-jin
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§Tai§ writes:
If you ever watch DBZ you'd know that all the planets have different check-in stations for people who have died from that planet. Krillin died on Namek and when they were trying to wish him back, they had to use one wish to bring him to earth's check in station. So, if you think about that, if everyone from every planet went to the same place after death, they wouldn't have had to waste a wish on bringing krillin to the check-in station. So, since all the saiyans died on the planet Vegeta except for Nappa(who dies on earth) , Radditz (who also dies on earth), Vegeta, and Goku, they would all be on Planet Vegeta's check-in station. Plus, the only person who was a super saiyan on earth who died was Goku, so the dead people of earth never saw it.
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Te-om writes:
The participants in Heaven's tournament did not consist of every soul that has died. They only consisted of the strongest and most praised warriors in the afterlife. Each warrior is brought to Daikaioo's planet by one of the four Kaioos. Planet Vegeta was under North Kaioo's(King Kai for the American Version) domain. He spoke horribly of Saiyans when he first met Gokou, so he would not have brought any to the Holy Sphere.
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Tigris writes:
Something even more odd is the fact that Cell Beat Son Gokou so terribly before Cell "died" and regenerated even stronger, and Pikkon beat him with only one or two hits. Later Goku actually manages to Beat Pikkon, how did he pull that off?!?!?!?
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mike32 writes:
also besides Broley, the only Sayians to go SSJ were Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, and Goten. So Goku is the first Sayian that went SSJ to die.
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VoiceInTheBackOfYourHead writes:
The people in the nether realm hadn't ever seen a Super Saiyan before. You have to do something great to keep your body after death, and the Saiyans were pretty bad.
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wikiname writes:
Actually, the reason that no other saijins weren't there was because each planet has their own other world. It's simple if you watch the episode where they wish back krillin with the namek dragon balls.
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