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Star Trek Voyager - Tuvok's Uniform Colour
In the absence of Janeway & Chakotay, Tuvok is left in command of Voyager, but continues to wear his gold uniform (Security, Engineering & Operations) instead of changing it to a red one (Command).
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Special Requirements: The episode where Janeway & Chakotay get sick and are left behind on a planet.
Contributed By: The Boy Sheps on 05-03-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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AJK writes:
Command, Tactical/Security, and Science/Medical are three different "departments" and are only interchangeable as a promotion or transfer, not as standard procedure. When Tuvok took command, he had not been promoted to Commanding Officer, he was only temporarily assuming command. Worf changed uniform colour twice because on two different occasions he was either promoted or transferred. :)
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132 writes:
Tuvok is not promoted to caption, he is just acting captain. And red is not only for command, Red is for command and navigation, blue for science and medical, yellow for engineering, security, and ops.
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Cmdr. Buzz writes:
Actually.. Tuvoc was not transferred or anything like that.. if memory serves me correctly, you will hear in Tuvoc's Logs, he says "*Acting* Captain's log.." He is not officially Captain.. he's assumed the role.. he is still a Lieutenant.. but is to be addressed as Captain.
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Shawn writes:
On occasions where Kirk was presumed dead, Spock took command. He never changed his uniform. Uniforms only change when transferring to another department.
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srb1 writes:
Listen up Everybody! Red is for command, Gold is for engineering/security, blue is for sciences. Tuvok was not officially appointed captain because orders making him captain could not reach Starfleet and was not authorized. He was only acting as Captain. As for the episode with Data changing uniform color, his orders were approved by Starfleet and thus was approved to wear the command uniform.
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Patrick Coogan writes:
Probably because he is Security and maybe Star Fleet Protocol does not allow him to assume that role, but Worf switches from red to yellow to red again and he is in command and security and like Tuvok he graduated from Star Fleet Academy. Maybe its as a sign of respect to his friend Janeway? Could someone please explain better?
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Mark Keegan writes:
In the episode where Picard is captured by the Cardassians, and Riker pisses off Captain Jelicho, Data is promoted First Officer, and changes uniform from gold to RED!
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Midshipman 2/c writes:
Voyager didn't really care about uniforms and the such, they didn't even change into the new ST:FC uniform after "message in a bottle" or when they contact starfleet command
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TomParis05 writes:
The Doctors uniform in voyager looks more green than blue to me!!
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The Boy Sheps writes:
But Tuvok WAS permanently promoted to commanding officer as the Doctor didn't think that there was any cure for the virus that Janeway and Chakotay had and the only way that they could stay alive was to be left behind on that planet. Also, Data's uniform colour changed in the TNG episode "Chain Of Command" when the new captain dismissed Riker and made Data first officer (Was he called Jericho or something?)
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Chibi_Sephiroth writes:
Yeah, but this is the same situation as TNG's "Best of Both Worlds" isn't it? Once Picard was assimilated, wasn't Riker immediately given the rank of Captain? Why wasn't it like that with Tuvok. Maybe when you are an XO, and the CO dies, the XO gets the rank of "Acting Captain" until Starfleet Command formally appoints a new captain?
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Unknown... writes:
Or maybe he just doesn't have time to change...
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Mr. Masks writes:
I think he didn't have time to change. It doesn't matter, anyways. But, I don't think that red is JUST command, because if you think about it, Paris wears red. I think it stands for Command/pilot or flyer or whatever you want to call it.
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Chooch writes:
You just messed up your own comment Shawn. You said that uniforms only change when changing departments. Tuvok did change departments, from security/tactical to command.
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