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Hollow Man - Meat Eating Gorilla?
In the beginning of the movie you see the invisible gorilla eating a mouse. Aren't they plant eating?
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-05-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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snake eyes writes:
I think you are right...but what I found curious about that scene was that as the mouse is eaten it too becomes invisible...actually you should be able to follow the mouse (at least to some degree)as it makes its way down the gorilla's throat...a similar movie, "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" actually showed food (or was it a drink) as it made its way through the invisible man's digestive system.
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astronomyfreak writes:
Remember, from Caine's case, that the serum that makes the subject invisible, also makes the subject more aggressive, therefore more violent...the gorilla was invisible, you do the math.
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peter writes:
The animal was invisible. It could have been an alien for all you know.
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Rachel writes:
If it was a cat then how did it pick the mouse up to eat it?? Huh??
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SHaolin writes:
If a gorilla is a herbivore, then why does the animal in the movie have the typical teeth structure of a carnivore? (long sharp teeth are not one of a gorilla's features)
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maalsboo writes:
The animal that ate the mouse WAS the gorilla. You can clearly see when the animal grabs the mouse that there are indentations in the mouse's fur indicating fingers. If it was a cat that ate the mouse, then the mouse would have been batted all around the cage first, because everybody knows cats like to play with their food first. And cat's usually bring their faces down to their prey, and start gnawing at it. They don't just go and straight bite their prey's head off.
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defroth writes:
The darn animal was totally ticked off. It chomped it down! And yes you should of been able to see the mouse traveling down its faithful path.
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Iforgetus writes:
It's not a gorilla, it's some kind of cat.
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nicki-chick writes:
Gorillas are usually herbivores, but sometimes they will eat meat.
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Hibashira writes:
Although a gorilla's diet consists mainly of vegetation, they may occasionally eat meat, insects and eggs if they are easy to obtain. A mouse would be an unlikely meal for a gorilla, but is not completely implausible.
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AnoNiem18 writes:
iforgetus is right. It was not the gorilla that ate the mouse. It was some kind of cat.
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The Microwave Assasssin writes:
1: It doesnt matter if it was a rat or a mouse. 2: It was a snake that ate the rat/mouse thing. you see the mouse/rat (herfore refered to as the rat) lifted off the ground and it is crushed, the same way a python kills. Then you see the snake witht he blood on its VERY distinictive teeth. Even with this in mind its pretty fake because pythons dont have teeth that big and they ingest things whole without biting them. Added for poingancy i guess.
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darth destroyer writes:
it wasn't a mouse it was a rat
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