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Pokemon - Arcanine or Growlithe?
Ok, in one of the Pokemon League episodes, when Team Rocket tried to steal everyone's pokemon, two Officer Jennys run up witha Growlithe. When Team Rocket's hot-air balloon comes up, Officer Jenny says, "Arcanine! Fire blast!" Clearly, the pokemon was a Growlithe.
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Special Requirements: pokemon episode during the pokemon league
Contributed By: TaffyDaffy on 12-12-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Kidvid01 writes:
I must agree. That Pokemon was a Growlithe. Besides, Officer Jenny's only use Growlithe on their K-9 Squad.
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Bunny Shields writes:
Wow, a Growlithe named Arcanine? Can I get a Persian named Meowth?
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T-zone writes:
Yowza! We really got off-topic! About the slip-up: It was the other way around. Officer Jenny said "Growlithe, Fire Blast!" And we all heard an Arcanine's voice. Trust me, they don't have Arcanines, it makes sense that they'd tell a Growlithe to use Fire Blast.
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@ssKicker writes:
Wow! I thought nobody knew the meaning of irony on this site! T-zone doesn't notice a humorous acronym when I write one on this site. Nor does he notice quotation marks when I put them around comments to signify sarcasm. And Growlithe shouldn't be able to learn Fire Blast, unless you give it a TM, and I don't think it would be on a high enough level. And I definitely don't think you can cancel its evolution, since it evolves with a Fire Stone. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I haven't got the game. Join my NEW club: Fiery, Incensed, Evolved, Roaring, Yellow-red/ Monsters like It Should Try to Almost Kill Enemies!
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T-zone writes:
@K, for the last time... I saw the quotation marks, but, as I saw an opportunity to turn the tables, I made a joke out of it. HOW CAN YOU DISS SOMEONE WITH SUCH A WONDERFUL SENSE OF HUMOR?!?! *sob* Ha, you just haven't heard my Oxy-Moron commercials. You'll crack your ribs over them... and some other stuff from my twisted mind... but that's just child's play compared to my Rib-Buster.
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PokéMaster 2000 writes:
Hmm, good point.
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Gungan Din writes:
I know! I just enjoy funning the locals!
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Mewtwo writes:
OK! First of all the show is completely different than the games, so who knows maybe Growlithe can learn Fireblast. Remember that the show appeared after Red and Blue. They modified some things. Second: HALF of the Pokemon topics are about Name mixups. So what if they say Arcanine and not Growlithe. Nothing's perfect.
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Gungan Din writes:
Sure you can! When you catch a Meowth and are asked if you want to give Meowth a nickname, nickname it "Meowth"! Then, when it evolves, the name will stay the same. But you can only do this in the Blue version.
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Stealth killer writes:
guys, the arcanine/growlithe in the episode fired a fire attack (whatever that was) didn't he say "AR.." as in Arcanine?
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Mars Guo writes:
Heheh... I think that was what we call Sarcasm, Din. =)
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Gungan Din writes:
Permit me, fair lady, to clear you up on this little matter. Of course Growlithe "shouldn't learn Fire Blast on its own"! None of them can! And levels have nothing to do with when you can teach TMs, unless the unevolved version can't learn it (i.e. Hyper Beam). And there is no need to cancel Growlithe's evolution, as you control when it happens! When there is a Stone evolution, hold off until you teach it it's best moves (for example, if you evolve Growlithe right away, it won't ever learn Flamethrower, but you can teach it Fire Blast before or after). Such is the sad state of Lt. Surge's Raichu... (although he made up for it by breeding it Thunderpunch from Electabuzz)
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Mewtwo writes:
I saw it again, and you are right, it is a slipup.
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