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Bedazzled - 5 or 6 Wishes?
"Satan" says that Brendan Fraser has had 6 wishes near end the film. He was the drug lord, the sensitive guy, the president, a famous author, an athlete, and he had the Big Mac and fries. But if you think back, he wished for the Big Mac and fries before he signed the contract, which would mean he had only made 5 wishes and had 2 more.
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Contributed By: PJ on 03-30-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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robgdl writes:
They made reference to this in the movie. Brendan said he had one more wish coming. She being the devil used the Big Mac and fries as a trick to force his last wish.
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RedDog writes:
Actually the last wish was deleted from the movie. If you have the DVD it has the deleted scene on it. It's hidden.. and it's told how to get to it on this site's sister easter eggs site.
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Chester writes:
Actually, the wish that was deleted from the movie wouldn't count for anything because the only reason they made the president scene was to replace it. But the only reasoning that I could come up with is that the Big Mac and Coke would count as one wish because the contract stated that he gets a TOTAL of seven wishes. It never said that he gets them before or after he signed it.
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thomthemonk writes:
If you count the BigMac and fries, his last wish was for that one chick to be happy.
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buffy writes:
He was a drug lord, basketball player, sensitive guy, gay guy, president, and the big Mac and coke that's 6 leaving him one more. The big Mac and coke count because it was a wish period the fact that it was before the contract was signed means nothing since she is the devil.
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KWebb writes:
Huh? When was he the president?
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Ed writes:
This is no goof. The original (and much better) film goes like this. - The Devil (Peter Cook) gets Stanley Moon (Dudley Moore) a raspberry flavored Ice Lolly for sixpence. Stanley of course pays for it since the Devil only has a million pound note. At the end of the film, Stanley is stuck in his last wish as a nun (an equivalent of the gay writer segment) "You forgot to specify the sex". Stanley only counts six wishes up to that point, but the Devil, being the Devil, counts the wish before he signed as one of the seven.
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Britt_Angel writes:
The Big Mac and fries was one wish. The last one was for Allison to have a good life.
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Shannon writes:
She's the devil so pretty much whatever she says is the way it goes. If she didn't like the way he was arguing with her about the wishes, she could send him to hell like she almost did.
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Krazie writes:
If he had made 5 wishes without the Big Mac and fries and "Satan" said he had 6 wishes. How would he still have two more wishes left? That would equal 7 not 6.
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RLF writes:
I noticed this, too. But for some reason, I didn't think of sending it here.
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