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Grease - Grease Time Frame
Somewhere around homecoming, Rizzo suspects that she might be pregnant....and it isn't until the last day of school that she discovers she's not! The students at Rydell High seem to have a three week school year.
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Contributed By: katy on 03-30-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Kna315 writes:
I think when she says to Knickie thats its not his, shes lying and only just saying that
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Stephanie writes:
Well, that is not a big deal! I mean it is a 2 hour movie and if they filmed all the days of school the movie would be well over 5 hours they just filmed what they need to make the movie work.
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gretty writes:
Rizzo does not find out that she is pregnant until the gang goes the to drive-in movies. Rizzo finds out that she isn't until the last day of school which is in June.
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mylilloki writes:
Well, let's think about this, if you think you may be pregnant, assuming you are a girl :), you would probably know in approximately 2-3 weeks. Therefore, 2-3 weeks passes between the Rizzo/Kenicke scene and the drive in scene. The Rizzo/Kenicke scene comes after homecoming when the girls come home to Frenchie's after Sandy gets disappointed with the "new" Danny. That night is when Rizzo goes with Kenicke, which is when I assume she thinks she becomes pregnant, although maybe they want you to think there are other times that her and Kenicke have sex, because when the gang goes into the Polar Freeze she makes the comment about hickies, and I assume this happens after that night, if not, they are very busy people! So it is a bit confusing as to when Rizzo actually thinks she becomes pregnant, which throws the time frame off. If she is referring to the night in the car, then the original statement stands true, the Rydell school year doesn't last any longer that 4-5 weeks!
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Melanie Foreman writes:
Okay, first of all, you people need to KNOW the movie before you start to bad-mouth it! Also, if you want to criticize the comments, you had better know your stuff! Well, I am only getting defensive b/c "Grease" is my favorite movie, but here's the point. That dance was NOT the homecoming dance. It was the National Dance-Off!!! Therefore, it could have taken place at any point in the school year! Geeze, get your facts straight!!!
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tigerlily writes:
look at it this way: Rizzo told everyone (rather everyone found out through the grapevine) at the drive in. True, she would have known she was not pregnant in a matter of weeks, but maybe she didn't TELL Kenicke that until the end of the year. Keep in mind also that he got involved with Cha-cha and didn't break it off until near the end of the year. He would have had no interest in Rizzo's well-being while he was going with Cha-cha.
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latte writes:
Since they are a couple for most of the school year, you should be able to assume they have sex more than the one time.
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Melanie Foreman writes:
Well, at first, I thought, wow, what a great slip-up! But, as it turns out, the dance was not a homecoming dance at all; it was the National Dance-Off. Therefore, this dance could have taken place at any part in the school year. If you notice, they never actually state when it does take place - it is just a coincidence that this scene occurred after the pep rally. Also, if you notice, Sandy has her cheer leading uniform on at the track in the scene before the dance-off. This shows that the dance was towards the end of school (track is a spring sport). Thus, Rydell's school year is not merely three weeks long.
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me writes:
#1: It WAS "The National Dance off", not homecoming. #2: No one ever said she got pregnant from that first night. #3: And maybe she just chose not to say anything to him. I mean after all... when he said "I don't run away from my mistakes." She said "Don't worry about it was somebody else's mistake." Then he said, "Thanks kid." And she said "Anytime." So obviously he wasn't thrilled in the first place. So why would she bother saying anything to him at all.
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Manda writes:
Rizzo doesn't tell Kinicke that its someone elses mistake. She said You're someone elses mistake.
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Gossip Girl writes:
Well, for one thing, it was the National Dance off which could have been any time in the year. Then, after Sandy was sad about the "New Danny" at the Prep Rally,Frenchy invites all of the girls to her house for a sleep over. The Prep Rally also didn't have a specific date but it had to be in the fall-spring because they were talking about a victory game for the football season. At the sleep over, the T-Birds come to the party and thats when Rizzo and Kinikee(forgot how to spell =D)went to the make-out hill and must of had sex because Rizzo wanted Kinikee to wear a condom.Then at the Movies she told Marty that she skipped a period which can take over a month to skip a period. So obliviosly,the school year was more than three weeks.
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cassarina writes:
I always figured Rizzo was just trying to get attention when she said she might be pregnant. It seemed she was just trying to hurt Kenicke by saying it wasn't his.
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Gary Lynch writes:
The timespan IS wrong. The night the condom broke is clearly supposed to be the night that they had unprotected sex, that's why it's in the story. The fact that she misses a period over the next two or three weeks suggests that she's afraid that she got pregnant then. Many months later, at the funfair, she tells Kinicke that she's not pregnant. NOW, either she had multiple pregnancy scares during this time, or this single story strand is a 1-month crisis spread over a whole school year. The original slip-up is well spotted.
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KittyKat20 writes:
No, Manda, Rizzo never told Kenickie that he was somebody's mistake. She said, and I quote, "Don't worry about it Kenickie, it was somebody else's mistake.".
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Outta writes:
The defective condom scene happens very early in the school year, 1958 - on the first day of football season. As such, it seems to be an establishing shot: they tried this risky behavior, didn't face consequences during the semester, and chose to continue it. It sets the tone for their relationship the rest of the semester. The drive-in movie trailers and the song Rizzo sings on the first day of school indicate some other issues though. "The Blob" - released September 12, 1958 (near the first day of school!) "Hollywood or Bust" - released December 6, 1956 "La Bamba" - released November 17, 1958 Rizzo is singing, "La Bamba," on the first day of school. That song won't be released for another couple of months. "Grease," is supposed to start on the first day of school, September 1958. "The Blob," would be playing at the drive-in - in September of that year. If we believe the end of the movie, Rizzo is supposed to miss her period near the end of the school year, before the carnival - late spring 1959. So, they must be at the drive-in in the late spring of 1959. By the time they're at the drive in, at least a month has elapsed from the last time she had unprotected sex (hint: it was sex where plastic film food wrap was used as the "condom" - refer to the "Greased Lightning" number), placing that event mid-spring, 1959 and the end of the school year a week or two after of the drive-in scene. Even if a drive-in would advertise a movie ("The Blob") from approximately 7-8 months prior, it would be unlikely that they'd show trailers ("Hollywood or Bust" - at least it looks like that movie) from two years prior. Martin and Lewis broke up in 1956 and only made three appearances together in 1958 (none were motion pictures). So, just think of the condom scene as an establishing shot. It should not be considered to be in relative temporal closeness to the drive-in scene. Once they found out they could get away with it, Rizzo and Kenickie, "did it," like rabbits and didn't want to spend money on condoms (they hardly had two quarters to rub together anyway), if they could get away with something else (plastic film food wrap... which could be the reason Rizzo was so upset at the malt shop). The trailers at the drive-in are bad research mistakes. The reference to, "La Bamba," is also a bad research mistake. Also - while you're watching that boom microphone bob up and down in the reflection of the juke box, look just above it, at the menu board. The Coke advertising is grayed out there too. Though, they did miss the Coke dispenser two or three cuts earlier.
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nadine writes:
Principle Mcgee on the first day of school anounces that the pep rally is on saturday. That is the day when Sandy first gets angry at Danny, and when Rizzo and Kenickie first hookup. Then when you see Tom [football player] and Sandy on they're date. You can tell that Rizz and Kenickie were together because she ran her hand through his hair, which I guess is pretty flirtatious. The night at the drive in when Rizzo tells Marty she might be pregnant and then the word ends up to Kenickie, is after the dance. Danny and Sandy were going out at that point, and thats about the second date that you've seen in the movie. So obviously it's probably closer to the end of the school year. Then the carnival is the last day of school, or around it, and thats when she CONFIRMS that she's not pregnant. Also, at her house the night of the pep rally, is when Frenchy first anounces that she's going to transfer to La Coiffure Beauty School. At Frosty Palace, Danny and Sandy's first date basically, Frenchy starts talking about all her classes and when her Gaurdian Angel tells her to go back to Rydell. At the dance, you find out that she's back and there to stay. And also some last minute thoughts: Rizzo and Kenickie had been fighting awhile by the dance because they take other dates, Cha Cha and Leo. one to two scenes later is the drive in, and Rizz tells Kenickie 'It was someone elses mistake,' probably even more angry at each other, then comes thunder road, where rizzo doesn't even show up but you can tell she's upset: 'but to cry in front of you, thats the worstt thing i could do.' then i'm not pregnant! and the end. Sandy+Tom's date at frosty's where Sandy sends Danny to the athletics department, next scene is athletics and thats when Danny asks Sandy to the dance.
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maboston81 writes:
The "condom" broke, was a very popular saying when a girl became pregnant, so Kenickie's broken condom, was sort of a "tongue in cheek" reference to what might be coming. Also, I read all comments, and no one really made reference to the fact of, {use to, when a girl or women had a pregnancy test done, most of the time, it was in the 3rd or 4th month before the test would come back or even show-up positive,i.e.literally, the rabbit had to die, for a positive preg. test}It was the only reliable preg. test out there, they had to inject a rabbit with the preg. girl's urine, and if Mr. Bunny croaked, she had a bun in the oven.
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Angi writes:
" was somebody else's mistake." Take it from Grease fans Manda, that IS the correct sentence, you're wrong, pop in your movie and put on the subtitles to verify for yourself. LMBO! It's still the best movie ever made!!!!!!
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Stewie writes:
I absolutely CANNOT believe this comment was not made!!! During the drive-in scene when Kenicke confronts Rizzo about her supposed pregnancy, she tells him that IT WASN'T HIS CHILD so she could've conceived it with someone else before the carnival.
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