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Dragonball Z - Hyperbolic Time Chamber Invisible Maintenence Crew?
When Goku and Gohan are first in the hyperbolic time chamber, Gohan is powering up because he thinks he can turn Super-Saiyajin. While powering up, a bunch of tiles break off the floor, hovering in the air. When that scene is over, the damage is never seen again.
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Special Requirements: DBZ
Contributed By: SteveSk8er on 03-30-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Rei writes:
I saw this episode a little bit ago. they also destroy some pillars in there. (maybe not that episode, but while they're training)
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Epyon writes:
Also after Goku and Gohan finish training one day, they go back and the place is totally trashed from loose attacks
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superboy650 writes:
Realize that the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (What a stupid name! Just call it the room of time and spirit like it's supposed to.) is a room where a year passes in one day and space is endless. What's to stop a room with magical abilities to repair itself?
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ANTbravo3 writes:
I don't know about the tiles of the floor but in one episode after Gohan has transformed into a super saiyan and is training with Goku, Goku instructs Gohan to catch him. After a few blasts they destroy part of the entrance to the chamber. Goku then says we better clean up this mess. If they could repair pillars and whatever else they destroyed, what's to stop them from fixing the tile?
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PxFBird writes:
If you have watched the new martial arts tournament episodes (that takes place seven years after the Cell games), then you would see Gohan transform into a Super Saiyan; the tiles rise up, then after he is done transforming they set down back into place on the ground. As for the pillars getting fixed and such.... I have no idea.
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TheJoe writes:
If I recall in one episode, they explained that the room can be transformed into any environment. If this is the case, then it makes sense that it'd be capable if self repair.
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