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Coyote Ugly - Hair Behind the Ear or Not
In the part of the movie where Lill has Cammie met Violet at the store to go shopping. When Cammie walks in her hair is down. You never see her put it behind her ears, but when they show her again after they show Violet her hair is behind her ears. And perfectly placed at that. It isn't hard to notice.
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Special Requirements: pay close attention
Contributed By: Addy on 03-28-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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kntrygrl writes:
Whoever put up the slip-up was correct. The way it was worded could make one believe that yeah, she would have time to put her hair behind her ears whenever the cameras switched over to Violet. When Kammy comes in she says "sorry for being late, blah blah blah, Al and I had a fight and then we made up, twice" Well, after Kammy said we made up and before she said twice, the camera switched to a different angle, and then her hair was pulled behind her ears. It didn't really show Violet and was focused on Kammy for the most part. There was a split second in which the camera changed over, and she would have had to pull her hair behind her ears in that short of time. There was no way she could have done that between two words in the same sentence, without showing it anyway. So, yes, there was a slip-up in the movie.
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IBabyIButterfly writes:
Well, you know you kind of get the point that she tucked her hair behind her ear, you don't have to have a whole shot just for her doing that. It's just to little to care about. So I don't think that's a mess-up, just something they didn't show.
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Coyote2b writes:
Yea, but they showed Violet, and that gives Cammie enough time to put her hair behind her ears. And it doesn't even take a second to put your hair behind your ears now does it?
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stephjkg writes:
It really isn't that hard to pull your hair behind your ears....and it only takes a second
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Linzy writes:
She probably put her hair behind her ears when the cameras weren't on her.
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YoChica934 writes:
This isn't really a slip-up.....they don't really have to show her put her hair behind her's a very quick action and could've happened at any time!!
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Cheri writes:
People can move. She could have moved it when the camera was showing Violet. Plus it isn't a real big deal.
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