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Dragonball Z - Elephant's Foot
In the episodes during the ten-day waiting period before the Cell games, watch the episode, Dende's Dragon. Toward the end of this episode, Gokuh will be looking for the Dragon balls. When he gets the second one, he will stick his hand in a stampede, and an elephant steps on it! he screams in agony, but when he removes his hand, neither it, or the Dragon ball are damaged in any way whatsoever. i find this interesting because if my hand got stepped on by an elephant, i wouldn't just blow it off, and say, "well, only five more to go."
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Special Requirements: TV, cartoon network
Contributed By: dbzfanatic on 03-30-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Spike writes:
May I remind you that he gets punched through mountains and survives. So being stepped on by an elephant is no biggie
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Namekian writes:
Still remember the Trunks saga?? When Trunks and Goku transform into SuperSaiyans, Trunks gets his sword and tries to slice Goku into little bits.:) Goku only uses his finger to defend himself. When Trunks stops attacking, Goku's finger is fine. So, I don't think an elephants foot is strong and heavy enough to damage his hand..No offense man.
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kuja writes:
yeah, wasn't he in SSJ form when that happened too?! that definately wouldn't hurt him if he was in SSJ
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Strawbaby writes:
About the dragonball being stepped on- they ARE magical (I guess) and no matter when these guys do to them they never get scratched, squashed or messed up in any way, so I guess when the namek (were they the earth dbs or the namek ones?) made them they also made it so they would never be harmed. I mean, with all they go through with the z fighters who wouldn't!?!
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Marai no Cell writes:
When Trunks was attacking Goku to test his power, Goku was actually kind of slapping away the sword with his finger by hitting the flat side of the blade. He wasn't letting the sword hit his finger head on.
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deejay writes:
Ok, if anyone ever watched the original dragonball serise, you will know that the dragonballs are indistuctable, that is why the elephante did break it.
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Morter writes:
Well, you also have this to think about. Before the cell games where Goku, Gohan, and Krillin are fishing and hanging out near the river, when Krillin throws a rock at him and it puts Goku in such pain, yet all the other stuff that happens to him hardly seems to affect him. Oh, and powering up doesn't matter if he manages to break glasses with such ease
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MorPH writes:
surkle, none of these people are getting dramatic. Plus, if its, and I quote, 'just a cartoon', unquote, then why the hell are you looking at the slip-up posted for it? Maybe you should think before you slag people off >:) Hell yeah, I'm a protector.
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strawbabies writes:
They were the earth dragonballs, they were pretty small.
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Notum writes:
Plus, whenever he fights, he raises up his power. However, this was just a routine search. I highly doubt that he's gonna raise his power level to his maximum just so he won't get hurt just in case an elephant steps on his hand while searching for the Dragon Balls. He's not the brightest, you know...=)
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surkle writes:
It's a cartoon. Don't be so dramatic.
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