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Matrix, The - I'm Typing, but No Words Come Up!
All right. In the Matrix, shortly after Neo gets done with his party dream, he goes to work. He proceeds to get chewed out by his boss for being late and goes back to work. As he's working (typing) a fed-x guy comes to deliver his package. Ok, did you notice? No words were being typed on the computer screen even though Mr. Anderson (Neo) was typing away.
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Contributed By: Rajin on 03-22-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Eurisko writes:
First of all, see post entitled "How to control your PC with the mind-power" by Sharonline, and you'll see this alleged slipup has alread been posted. Secondly, what the hell version of the movie are you people watching?? In my copy, Neo doesn't even touch his keyboard, and there's not even the sound of someone typing. Yes, he is sitting in his little cubicle, and yes he's sitting in front of the computer. But his hands are resting ON THE DESK either side of his keyboard, and he is just staring at the screen. His system isn't on because he hasn't turned it on. Granted, he is probably *supposed* to be working, but he's just sitting in his cubicle staring at the screen... a testament to his mindset that something isn't quite right. What I want to know is why so many people are posting this, and agreeing with it, when it's perfectly obvious (in my copy) that he's not even touching his keyboard for it to be a slipup.
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Blinded Reality writes:
No Eurisko, you are right. In the copy I have of the Matrix, Neo is sitting at his desk with both hands resting on either side of the keyboard. He is not even looking at the screen but kinda looking down at the keyboard in a daze. And if I remember correctly, the monitor isn't even turned on.
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jmbeachaggie writes:
If the slip-up is true, it is possible, when telnetted into a host (i.e. a mail server) your characters may not be shown while you type.
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Aquila writes:
He's probably sulking that he got told off.
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