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Deep Blue Sea - Where'd It Hide?
When Susan goes to her room to recover her notes, she closes the door. Then she goes over to her cabinet, grabs her stuff, and gets nudged by a shark model. _Then_ the real shark comes after her.
First of all, sharks have to remain in constant motion to keep water flowing over their gills (unlike other types of fish). While it's a fairly large room, these are _big_ sharks. We get a good clear size-establishing shot of the sharks when Carter brings the one into the lab, and various shots establish that they are all the same size. Also look at how much water and stuff the shark earlier in the movie splashes up when it's in the pool. But the one in Susan's chamber moves around and doesn't displace any water at all.
Second, the water is only about waist-deep on Susan. Again, look at the shark in the pool filled with waist-high water earlier in the movie. The shark shouldn't even be able to _remain_ underwater. If she looked around the room, she (and us) should see it. What was it doing - hiding in a closet?
Third, Susan closes the door behind her when she enters the room. So if the shark wasn't hiding in the room, how'd it get in without her noticing?
And fourth...why does the shark wait so long to attack Susan? She's in the room for several minutes before it tries to attack her.
This scene just doesn't make any sense!
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Contributed By: Steve Crow on 03-21-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Comments: writes:
And besides: the movie was a nice little rental wasn't it?
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Joel writes:
Not all sharks have to keep moving, there is a species that divers found sleeping motionless in caves, like a big group nap. You're right about the size of the shark, though.
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Steve Crow writes:
Not all sharks have to keep moving...but makos do, and that's what the three sharks are identified as in the movie. And yep, the sharks change size throughout the movie, but this scene is just absurd. Look at how shallow the water is (about waist height). At least in the kitchen scene earlier the water is substantially higher and you can _almost_ believe the shark could move in and out of the kitchen without being spotted.
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N S writes:
The shark in that scene you're talking about in the lab the first time was the big one. They said so when he captured it. Also, remember when they ate Samuel L. Jackson? There were two sharks in that little scene, and one was over TWICE as big as the other one! The small shark could've hid in the room easily.
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Jennifer writes:
And also, when the get into the elevator shaft and the pressure causes all the water (and the sharks) to come in, notice how easily the forty foot shark swims through the door. The people had a bit of a strugge getting through that small space when they first opened it, yet the sharks slip through easily - and how much bigger are they compared to the people?
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Ashley writes:
If you notice, it seems the sharks change size throughout the whole movie.
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