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Matrix, The - Over-Efficient Clean Up
notice where Neo kills the last guard in the major gunfight in the loby where Morpheus is(End of DVD: Lobby Shooting Spree chapter), this also applies to all other guards who died in the gunfight.
He should be right in front of the elevator, right? When the explosion occurs, look at the floor,(the ground seems rather clean aye?) there are apparently no bodies there.
What happened? the cleaners must really be efficient, clear up the bodies and a bit of the debris for YOUR viewing pleasure.
Please correct me if there are any errors here.
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Special Requirements: Any copy of The Matrix. Reccommend: Matrix DVD
Contributed By: on 12-09-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Blinded Reality writes:
Ok, thinking realistically here, do you think the CGI people who worked on this movie would really be able to recreate EVERY piece of broken column, EVERY little speck of dirt on the floor, EVERY dead body in it's EXACT location for the shots? Even though I know nothing about CGI or how is it done, I would think it would have taken an extremely long among of time to recreate and most likely would not have been cost efficient. So they probably said to themselves, and rightfully so, "Screw it, let's go for effect.", which they did rather nicely. Personally, I have never seen a bomb exploded in slow motion as it was shown in The Matrix in any other movie before, so I was kinda too much in awe to notice a dumb piece of column out of place. It wasn't a slip up folks, it was a rational desicion.
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NetSharc writes:
I don't think a dead body in the Matrix and a body in the real world (in one of those "bath-tubs") need to really be connected. See, if you see a spoon in the Matrix, it's just the Matrix telling your brain that there is a spoon in your field of vision. So, why should it not be the same when you see a dead body? The real dead body can just be flushed out of the "battery-array", but inside the Matrix the program can continue to trick everyone else's mind to believe that there is a dead body. I would love to see how the Matrix as a program really works. I mean, it could just be really modular, I mean it could load things when they are needed. If you see the closed door to your bathroom, there could be nothing behind the door because no one in the Matrix needs it. But when you go to open the door, they can just quickly load the bathroom, and when you get in, you'd be able to interact with the objects in it. And when you close the door behind you, they could just remove your bedroom out of their gigantic RAM.. I wonder what sort of computer they have, really.
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Neo Cool writes:
OK Dudes, here is what happens after the gunfight...they get in the lift and go up a few floors the they stop the lift and arm the bomb. The room you see during the explosion is actually a floor or two above the actually lobby.
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Zef writes:
So if things are deleted, what do the people who think they're real do? (The victims of the matrix, like Neo was)
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Alric writes:
Yeah that's right...the matrix deletes people minutes after they die. That's why the graveyards are filled with people!
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Zanthor writes:
I don't know about you, but if people were always "deleting" right after death, I would suspect something. And to add to NetSharc's last comment: If a tree falls in the Matrix and no one's around to here it, does it make a sound?
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Juiswa writes:
I agree with NetSharc... the Matrix wouldn't have every part loaded at once; that would require obscene amounts of RAM. What probably happens like he says is that when a Matrixer accesses an area, that area is loaded. Come to think of it, when they're sleeping, the bedroom might not be loaded... might explain falling dreams : ) If the agents have one thing going for them, it's their efficiency. They wouldn't waste memory; they need that power. And a better question is: If a tree falls in the matrix, and no one is around to experience it...does it exist? Then again, it is a movie...
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Lemon Head writes:
In answer to the "if a tree..." questions, according to the most popular theory here, if no one was around to experience the falling tree, it wouldn't occur because it would be a waste of RAM.
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NE2000 writes:
There is no tree... :) But seriously, a program such as the matrix would most likely "render" for each person what they see and the sounds would be heard in the proper positions (sent as the right impulses to the brain). Much like 3D games, if it's not in view, it isn't rendered, much more efficient, saves on memory and would keep things faster, instead of doing the whole thing at once, if the matrix got lagged, there could really be some problems :P
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TRiNiTY writes:
This is one bizarre discussion. However the comment that stated that people disappear after death is completely incorrect. Although we see the Agents disappear, they are replaced by the dead body of the person who hosted them. I think the most logical explanation (without bothering to watch the movie one more time) is that either the room in which the explosion took place was actually a basement of some sort, and not the original lobby (which may correspond with some unanswered questions about the pillars in the lobby), or that it was simply a slipup. Knowing the amount of detail put into the movie by the Wachowski brothers, I highly doubt it was a slipup.
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hiadam writes:
The tree would still fall, guys. It just wouldn't be rendered. But to make a world like this functional events such as this still would have to happen somewhere in memory. The motor of the chopper, for example, will fail even though people don't see it. It simply isn't rendered. But if you were to take it apart later you would find the damage because the damage was registered by the Matrix, just not displayed. This same division between program logic and display is found in any and every 3d game: events happen even when you don't see them. The enemy moves even when you aren't aware of him. :)
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ultimatefishook writes:
Ok so the human brain can be more efficient than any computer ever made. Humans are believed to use a mere 2% of their brain. Well if the robots could design a program to do what the matrix does, the could certainly access the extra "space" in our brains. So the only thing that would really be needed was a "Program hard drive"(if that makes sense) They have all the ram they need in their slaves. This is why they would not simply delete debris or bodies. This is a glitch in the Movie
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Faarooq Hickenbottom writes:
OK, no where in the movie does it show any graveyards, so how would you know they are filled with people. And if there were any graveyards, they would have caskets, not just people. The deletion thing would also explain a few other parts of the movie
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Killuminati writes:
If you remember when Morpheous is telling Neo how humans are actually grown in fields he will progress to say that the dead are liquified for nurishment of the still living! So when you die in the Matrix your body gets ground or liquified.
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cantc writes:
if they cut the wires in the elevator then it would drop down to the very bottom floor which would not be the lobby they came in at...granted it looks the same but it does make sense doesnt it??
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thomthemonk writes:
excellent point if we knew there was a basement
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JT Man writes:
I think the agents probably changed something on the building. That's why we saw dejavu of before the lobby got shot up. They probably changed the building so that it would have magic bulletproof windows and pillars that restroe themselves automatically. Check out the other Matrix slipups, you'll see what I mean!
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Underbrush writes:
ok well we should get a deaf guy to cut down a tree and hide a tape recorder in his pocket! also, we should make it a deaf magician so that the tree wouldnt notice the tape recorder. god you guys are anal.
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Matt69 writes:
OK along with the part where neo says "there is no spoon" and shoots the cables..they would be going up really fast and at the top there are some realy big pullies and...well {ouch} now unless they can cut the hard line in the matrix also...then theres no way they would of survived that...
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Slurpy The Frog writes:
Fun Science Fact No. 3: Netsharc, the Matrix as a program doesn't really work. It is fictional. Plus, even if your other stuff about loading only what people will see were taken as true, then the explosion would not actually have occurred, until someone looked at the wreckage, by which time the bodies would be loaded back anyway.
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wizkid writes:
this could be attributed to the matrix-i.e. it deletes people a few minutes after they die. Just a thought
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Sammo writes:
Wouldn't you just love the job of debugging the Matrix?
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stokoe1984 writes:
If The Matrix deletes things which nobody sees, how can the explosion occur in the Lobby? Nobody is there to see the lobby so it shouldn't exist. And anyway... nobody can see inside a plane's engine mid-flight and if that was deleted then
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Mirandarling writes:
no that doesn't work, Neo shot the cables, the elevator dropped. if it hadn't they wouldn't have shot up holding the other cable. But as for whether it could've stopped before the basement, if the bomb was timed right it might have blasted the lobby as it went by (well, tried to go by). That still doesn't answer the shot-up pillars, but perhaps you just can't see the ones that had severe damage in that shot.
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Larske writes:
Yes, i agree. It would be thrilling to see the source code :-)) and debugging it !
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Durhai writes:
OK, for one thing, you guys are thinking of RAM and such that we know of in our time. But you have to keep in mind that the MATRIX was constructed several hundred years in the future. By that time Computers might have come standard with 1000 Gigs of RAM. And, the MATRIX would have been the mother of all Super-Computers in that time period so you could just imagine how much RAM and Memory it actually had.
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The Living Cheese writes:
I thought when people died in The Matrix, their bodies were replaced by Agents. Therefore, after they died, they could have turned into an Agent and walked away, explaining why there were no dead bodies.
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