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Matrix, The - Different Time Zones on One Roof
1H 45M approx
the shadows are all screwed up on the rooftop scene
being too nit picky I admit, but this is one of the coolest scenes in the movie, so it's easier to pay more attention to and notice things
1H 45M approx
*Sometimes the shadows are very light and blurry, sometimes there are none at all (but when the agent is hovering over Neo they are very dark)
*They are cast in various angles across different camera shots
*The sun is right above the Agents' head when he says "only human" and the sky seemed pretty clear.. so, I guess that sums up the errors in this scene :)
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Contributed By: foot_corn on 12-08-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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dj_heffalump writes:
Give them a break! It would be way to expensive and time-consuming to film this scene in pieces, at exactly the same time for just an hour each day, for two or more weeks!!!!!!!! Besides, the camera moves around, switching shots, and the people are moving most of the time: how do you know for sure that the SHADOW ANGLE actually changed, and not just the Camera Angle, or the person??
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ultimatefishook writes:
Well this is not a defect. the shadows seemed(to me) to be constant, but the do change in definition. This happens in the real world depending on how the light bends around the object it is casting a shadow of. Ever heard of the tyndall effect?
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lando writes:
If you've seen any behind the scene footage for this movie you would know that most of this scene was filmed on a green soundstage. The rooftop and background were added in after.
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Adam writes:
The roof is not real. In "The making of..." it shows how they filmed the bullet sequence, and it shows the computer generated roof file they replaced the green background with. If you look close enough, you can actually notice the quality of the scenery is not incredibly life-like.
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Viaken writes:
They used the shadows in that scene to emphasize emotion. Theatrical licence. The only part of the rooftop scene that was filmed on a green soundstage was Neo's bullet dodge scene. The rest of the rooftop scene was naturally filmed there. Did you think it was to expensive for the producers to get a couple of cameras and cast up there? Did you think the building would have collapsed under the weight?
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