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Matrix, The - I Don't See Dead People
begin watching at about 1H 45M 15S of the movie (according to the DVD)
- the rooftop battle scene
Neo kick the crap outta some guy (guy A) near the rooftop exit and then Trinity hucks a knife into some poor skull (guy B). Remember where these people fall
Viewer's twelve o'clock - "guy A"
Viewer's two o'clock - "guy B"
after trying to shoot the agent Neo says "trinity help" and here, "guy A" has moved to Neo's one o'clock. Then, when the "money shot" ensues (Neo dodging bullets, the camera does a 360) you can see that "guy B" is no longer there.. must be the windy rooftop? oops, CG people!
"guy A" seems to move a little more to the right again too
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Special Requirements: DVD or if it's still out in theatres...
Contributed By: foot_corn on 12-08-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Ethelred the Unready writes:
That's possibly the most confusing slip-up I've ever read. Also, it's sligthtly boring.
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thomthemonk writes:
Its not confusing, he's saying they kill some people, then the next scene dosent include them even though it shows where they were.
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DV8 writes:
Well Foot_Corn, I extremely hate to admit it, but you're right. This is the only slip up I've read about the Matrix that I can't find an answer to. However, the reason the bodies were no longer there, is because that bullet time sequence was filmed in green screen originally. John Gaeta and his team obviously didn't bother to put the bodies in because it would be very time consuming and very hard to animate those bodies. It was much easier for them just to animate Keanu's surroundings and the bullets. Plus, not many people will notice this because they're too busy watching the action to notice if any bodies were lying around. Hell, I didn't notice. And speaking as a film maker myself, I know what I'm talking about.
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asylrecht writes:
Its a slip up, ok. the two people were killed and then in the next scene they were no longer lying there on the roof top. camera angle or not the bodies were not there. end of discussion.
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snoopy writes:
Did you guys notice that after the camera does a 360 of Neo dodging bullets, a gun appears lying on the roof that wasn't there before.
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Disgruntled writes:
I believe what Quantum was trying to say is not that bodies are never exhumed, but that the coffins in the *movie* might not have been exhumed. So there's no proof there are really bodies in them and that maybe the Matrix does 'delete" people when they die.
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Bezelbub writes:
Alright, maybe its just me, but stop arguing about the mechanics of the Matrix, coffins and exhuming bodies and look at the DVD!! Listen to foot_corn, start playing at that time, notice, as bullet-time begins, we are fairly close to Neo's right, not being able to see anything behind the camera for obvious reasons. Then as we swing around Neo, the camera goes lower and lower, using Neo and his flying coat to block most of the roof from view! However, look close about 10 seconds from the end of the bullet-time, there are large, black, unmoving, and most likely dead objects visible behind Neo. Gee, maybe it's just me, but aren't those dead bodies that haven't been deleted, shoved off the roof or disappeared? Its all a matter of Neo's coat flying everywhere, blocking our view!
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Quantum writes:
I think it does delete people after they are dead. Sure, there are coffins in the cemetery, but did anyone actually open them and check to see if the bodies are still in there?
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Q314 writes:
Bodies are exhumed from graveyards every day. Sam Sheppard (The Fugitive) has been dug up twice for DNA testing...most recently since his son is seeking to clear his father's name. What about the one-armed man?
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april writes:
These guys move too fast to see anyway, so what if you just didn't see them move. They were already out of the way and ready to attack at a different angle.
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TRiNiTY writes:
How would the Matrix know when to delete the bodies? There couldn't possibly be a set time-frame in which this could happen, as this wouldn't relate to people's bodies which are discovered decades after death. The Matrix was set in what the world believes to be 1999, so obviously it DOES relate to the real world as we know it, therefore it's also obvious that this would incorporate the existance of graveyards. Nonetheless, even if the dead bodies of The Matrix WERE deleted (although I highly doubt it), it wouldn't have been in such a short time frame as to be noticable in a single scene. Basically, this "slip up" is just someone watching too closely, as the unusual angles of the film, especially this scene, make it impossible to define the exact location of anyone.
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kingfire writes:
Trinity is also missing from the scene if I remember correctly.
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Agent101 writes:
Ok, this is gonna be fun. You explained the answer in your question. You said that guy A falls at the VIEWERS 12:00. And when the camera swings around (actually only 180 degrees not 360) he's at NEO's 1:00. I haven't watched the movie again, but I'm going to assume that the viewers 12:00 and neo's 1:00 were meant to be the same place. And as for the other one not being seen, only one of them was killed, the other may have turned into an agent, or just got up and cot the heck out of there once he saw people dodging bullets.
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ISkinner writes:
This one I had not noticed before seeing it here on Slip-Ups. But, I went back and watched the scene carefully on my DVD this last weekend, and the original poster is correct, if a bit confusing. There are several bodies on the roof after Trinity and Neo dispatch all the personal up there before the Agent arrives. Pay particular attention to the two bodies behind Neo, one directly behind his heels and another near the edge of the roof, as he unloads his gun at the Agent. Then when the Agent starts shooting at Neo, there are no bodies behind him, as the camera pans around him, you can just see one body to the side near the stair well entrance. But to be fair, most of the roof is obscured by tails of Neo's duster as the camera pans around him. Finally when Neo is hit in the leg and falls backwards to the roof, he should have landed on the body that was directly behind is heels. This body is now missing in action, but the one that was further behind him, near the roof's edge, has returned. But, all of this is easy to overlook with all the exciting action and bullets flying, so this may be a minor point after all.
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defroth writes:
Major slip-up. I have reviewed this scene 17 times. I see a couple bodies. Where the body behind Neo is most apparent. During the bullet scene however, the body is gone. oops!
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Corvid writes:
The same goes for trinity, where is she during the bullet time scene? Anyhow, as stated by DV8, it would indeed be needless extra work for the CG artists.
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cartmancsf writes:
what does that heve to do with this slip-up?
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defroth writes:
I'm totally stumped on this one. I don't think it's a slip up. All that can be seen is Neo, the Agent, the bullets and the backround. I think they made it easy on themselves and chose to animate just that. They probably thought that people would be too focused and in awe of Neo dodging bullets to worry about missing bodies and guns. Trinity is also missing. Knowing that Trinity is in love with Neo and unaware of the fact that Neo is capable of dodging bullets I doubt she would of hid. But if she'd stayed there the Agent would of probably shot at her. I dunno. The Matrix is a strange place.
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Moleculo:"The Molecular Man!" writes:
This is not a slip-up. When Neo is in bullet time and everything else disappears (the bodies, his guns, and Trinity), that's normal. The bullet time indicates that the characters have warped the "reality" of the Matrix, so this could be a part of it: he's eliminated everything that wasn't important. I hope this cleared everything up.
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defroth writes:
What I wanna know is how the heck can a gun shoot that fast. Think about it. We're in bullet time and the Agent is firing another shot while the previous is just a couple feet away from him! I don't know any hand gun that can shoot that fast. It's not possible. The Matrix has rules.
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Geminix writes:
You see, the agents aren't in the Matrix like the cops are, so their dead bodies can just be erased.
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phantom_hackur writes:
The Matrix is a work of fiction and does not realate to the real world. Also if you listen carefully when Morpheus is telling Neo about the matrix in the construct he says something like "the peak of civilization" that means it could have been a few years ago.
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