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Dragonball Z - Wrong Attack
When Goku's spaceship is entering the orbit of a star, he has to fire an energy attack to repel him away from the star. However, FUNimation made him use the Kaioken, when it's obvious that he uses the Kamehameha (That's what he did in the Japanese version). And before you say the he was using Kaioken on a Kamehameha he had been already doing, he never said "Kamehameha!" to charge up the blast! Pretty dumb mistake, even for FUNimation.
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Contributed By: Notum on 03-20-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Namekian writes:
Yep, that's true, I noticed that too.
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dbzfanatic writes:
I also agree with his, but think of this. I'm sure it was intentional, as it is done twice. Remember on namek, when gokuh is fighting frieza? Well, tien explains that gokuh has an ace up his sleeve, and that is the kaiou-ken. But WAIT! Gokuh never said kaiou-ken! In the movie, the world's strongest, gokuh does an attack called a kaiou-waire, or something like that. He does not say kaiou-ken, but this attack has the power of the kamehameha gokuh used when he was flying at the star. In the Tree of Might, piccolo does his demon-ray (special beam cannon) without saying the attack when he is attacked by Turless.
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ssj4 vegeto writes:
Kaioken isn't an attack. It just makes an attack such as kamehameha more powerful. Like on namek, krillan says, "Wow, even goku's KAIOKENx20 KAMEHAMEHA didn't work against frieza!" Therefore, your slip up is answered.
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Jammerz writes:
I figure they don't have to say their attack every time they do it.
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eternaldragon77 writes:
Have you ever watched Power Rangers? Whenever they jump or somthing the scream and yell yet they don't need to. Therefor maby they don't really need to say somthing to use an attack but they do anyways. Also the Kaokein powers up the one useing it not the attack. Like when Goku just used Kaokein while fighting Nappa and Vegita, he got fast and beat both of them up. So its like if Krillun used Kaokein and then used Destruto Disc it wouldn't increase in size(maby power) there are only a few attacks that increase in size depending on Power Level, like Kamahamaha, when Goku useally uses it its not the big but like in the Cell Saga when Goku was really powerful he could have destroyed the world with his blast
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Te-om writes:
You don't have to say the attack for it to be accomplished. When have you ever yelled out "punch" before you punch someone. Either way it will still be a punch. Also, not all chi attacks have names. The named ones are simply modified and stronger.
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