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Timberlake, Justin - Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed
Question: What was the best thing you read all year?
Justin Timberlake: You mean like a book?
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Special Requirements: The Rolling Stone Issue in which the interview N'SYNC
Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-19-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Daniel writes:
I'm not exactly *NSYNC's biggest fan, I actually hate them, but Justin could've been asking if the interviewer meant a book, or a magazine or something like that. Or on the other hand, he could just be dumb. Who knows.
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C writes:
OK, I don't even like *NSYNC, especially Justin Timberlake, but that is very easy to see what he meant. He wanted to know if the Interviewer meant a book because there is more than one type of thing to read, he could have had a favorite magazine that he had read, and also had a favorite book. He just wanted to know what the man meant. Give him a break.
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box-a-beat writes:
You can read other things besides books!He was probably just trying to be funny/cute(he was probably thinking playboy;) ) (BTW~ Justin had a 4.0 GPA in high school)
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Little Mermaid writes:
Is it possible that when he said this he might have thought that the interviewer was asking him what was the best thing he had read all year say, about him or the band in a magazine or whatnot. You know, like what is the most amusing/interesting thing someone had written about him...I think under the circumstances and in such an interview it would not be hard to think that someone might ask you that...
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Jenn writes:
He probably wanted to know if they meant, book, article, magazine, etc. People don't read only books!
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Nala writes:
He obviously didn't know if he meant a magazine, a newspaper article, or somehing. People don't just read books.
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Nala writes:
Thank you box-a-beat for sticking up for him. I hate it that people just assume he's stupid!
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Hellseye writes:
Okay, Rolling Stone IS a magazine, so Justin was probably confused (like all the time) about what he meant. Like he was asking what he liked from THEIR magazine. Get the picture? Good.
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katherine writes:
Yeah, I read that interview too, and when I read it, I actually thought they were asking, kind of like "what's the best thing you've heard all year?" You know, like, what's the best thing you read? that your C-D hit number one? So, he's not stupid. Besides ... he's under pressure!!
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LullaBelle writes:
This is totally not a slip up! Wouldn't you be caught off gaurd if someone asked you that? The first thing I would think of is some kind of rumor in a magazine. He probably wasn't sure if the interviewer meant book or rumor about himself.
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thirtysilver writes:
Justin's response sounds dumb, but that may have been his intention. The question, while seemingly arbitrary, is a common interview question. Context is important. I would like to know if Justin went on to answer the question. This isn't a slip-up because we can't know Justin's intent.
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crawford writes:
He could have meant a magazine article or newspaper article. The question didn't ask "What was the best book you have read this year" It sounds like Justin was trying to clear up the question. And the way this question is stated "What is the best thing you read all year" I don't think someone is going to be constantly reading something all year. They might read a little here and there but at some point they are going to have to put the book or newspaper down. It should have been stated "What is the best thing you have read this year?"
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KC writes:
I read this interview too and I thought it was funny. I think he was just trying to be funny because didn't one of the other group members make a comment after it? He also may have been confused. AND even if the people meant a book and he had no idea what they were talking about it still wouldn't be a slip up because he just misunderstood. I don't think this is a slip up at all no matter how you look at it.
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SimpsonsFan writes:
I don't like him but if someone asked me that question I would probably be confused like him. You can read a lot of things.
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Swift writes:
If you knew ANYTHING about Justin Timberlake, then you'd know that he always has joke for everything, therefore it was most likely meant to be funny
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subvertthedominantparadigm writes:
It doesn't matter what media was implied. (media i.e. way of presenting material.) Whether the best thing he read was a magazine, a book, or the instructions for his girlish perm, was the question that was asked. He still answered the with the intellectual equivelency of Britney Spears. They make a wonderful couple.
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katherine writes:
Maybe he wasn't sure if he said "heard" or "read" I mean, asking Justin Timberlake the best book he's read all year IS a pretty random question!
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sweetg4064 writes:
I'm totally sticking up for Justin. there are magazine or newspaper articles that do inspire you, you know? Or even a good review of their new single or something that he would be really proud of. He isn't dumb, he just wanted to know the basis of the question so his answer wouldn't sound stupid and end up on this web site! Besides, he is soooo good looking, right girls?! hehehe
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