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Dragonball Z - Instant Transmission?
If you remember the Radditz saga, Radditz dodges Piccolos first special beam cannon. Piccolo then states that Radditz must be faster than the speed of light. After Freiza is killed by Trunks, Goku Shows The gang the Instant Transmission technique. Goku then remarks "you go pretty fast when you travel as a mass of light." At that point, Goku is thousands of times stronger than Radditz, yet Goku just now gains the ability to travel at the speed of light.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-19-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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dbzfanatic writes:
Please, don't be foolish. Think of the circumstances. Piccolo is fighting the strongest person he had ever fought. I know for a fact that you have over-exaggerated. I'm sure piccolo was doing just that. Radditz was a chicken-weakling, according to Nappa, so there was no way he was faster than the speed of light! Nappa and Vegeta weren't that much faster than Radditz, so think about it. Light travels incredibly fast, and due to self-experimenting with light, I can assure you that radditz was not faster than the speed of light.
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the critic writes:
Piccolo would be overwhelmed by the speed, but Raditz was running and you get tired doing that in instant transmission you don't get tired.
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SuperSaiyanSaotome writes:
During the Radditz saga everyone had low power levels and 500 was considered high. Mostly everyone now is faster than what Radditz was.
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Player3101 writes:
Radiitz was moving faster than the speed of light. Just because he was weak doesn't mean that in a desperate situation he can't move fast. And the "Instant Transmition" moves a LOT faster than light does. Goku basically de-materializes and rematerializes right next to the energy that he was detecting. Otherwise it would take a lot longer to get to where ever he was going. Think about it. If it takes light 2.5 seconds to get to the moon, how long would it take to get to new namek which is where? (Yet Goku got there in about 1.2 seconds)
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AbsolutlyPisstoff writes:
Figure of speech dude.
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strawbabies writes:
I think that there was no way he was faster than light. He might have already anticipated piccolo's move and dodged it right before it happened, before piccolo realized he had moved, or something along those lines.
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Panny writes:
They had no way of measuring Raditz' actual speed so when they mentioned him going faster than the speed of light they were just commenting on his speed so he more than likely wasn't goin /that/ fast... and besides the dub adds little comments like that in all the time. I don't recall that light comment about teleportation (instant transmission) in the original....
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Poisongirl writes:
Okay, if I remember correctly, Raditz never dodged anything. Piccolo had his arm blown off by Raditz earlier and this threw off his aim. If Raditz WAS faster than the speed of light, why would he keep his shoulder in the way?
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Max Power writes:
There are a number of flaws associated with the idea of instant transmission: 1. The technique allows one to dematerialise,become and travel as a mass of light then rematerialise at another location.However even at the speed of light it can take years to reach another distant planet definitely not in the brief space of time as depicted in DBZ. 2. If instant transmission is simply a matter of traveling as light then how was it possible that characters such as Goku and Kid Buu were able to travel to another dimension such as Otherworld.Light can't do that unless the technique is really a form of teleportation that creates a tear in the time-dimensional fabric. 3.At the beginning of DBZ it was stated that the first villian,Radditz,could travel faster than light and since throughout the series many of the characters such as Goku continued to get stronger and faster then by the time the Buu saga takes place many of the characters can move way,way faster than light so then how is it possible that a technique that allows one to travel simply at the speed of light can allow one to travel much greater distances in a shorter space of time?
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TheJoe writes:
Piccolo was using a figure of speech. After all, people are always referring to something fast being, "as quick as lightning." That being said, remember in the Saiyan Saga when Krillin was teaching Gohan how to watch the fighters when they were moving quicker than the eyes can normally keep track of. Those fighters were definitely moving faster than Raditz was.
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Gabe Garboden writes:
Saying Goku was traveling at the speed of light was a translation error between english and japanese. In the Japanese version Instant Transmission literally means instant. You just have to concentrate on another beings power level and you just appear their.
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