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Dragonball Z - Gohan's "Special" Power of Seeing People He Doesn't Know
If you watch the episode where Gohan and Goku go into the Special Time Chamber, Goku tells Gohan to use the power of loss to gain the Super Sayian ability. Gohan asks what he means then Goku says "Picture Cell destroying all of your family and friends" Gohan responds by saying that he's never seen Cell so he can't imagine that. Then later on on the Cell Saga, Gohan has a fever and is dreaming. His dream is about Cell killing his Mom and Piccalo in the Time Chamber. He said that he has never seen Cell therefore he couldn't have imagined it.........
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Special Requirements: TwoCell episodes of DBZ. The Cell Games I think and an earlier episode
Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-18-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Notum writes:
Ah, you American DBZ tories. FUNimation changes pretty much every line in American DBZ. If FUNi ever releases this episode on DVD, then we'll be able to see what really happened, but for now, it's a mistake made in a crappy translation.
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Piccolo writes:
Actually, you're wrong Notum. Gohan says the same thing in 1. The subtitled episodes by FUNimation 2. Every fansub I've seen 3. The Manga translated by Eric Phan. The scene with Gohan dreaming however, was Toei Filler. And like I said before, Toei doesn't pay attention to little things such as storyline in their Fillers.
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Namekian writes:
It's Piccolo, not Piccalo.
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Goku writes:
I know this guy that works in FUNimation.............maybe I can find out for you guys and get back to it after I find out!!
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Player3101 writes:
Another thing like this happened. Remember when Goku was at Princess Snake's place and they put him to sleep with the grass. He dreamed that Vegeta and Nappa walked into Gohan's study session with Chi-Chi (Like Gohan doesn't have a teacher) and started hurting them. How did Goku know what Vegeta AND Nappa looked like?
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pac writes:
Well, you see, this isn't really a slip up. What he is seeing in the dream is what should have happened. If you recall, Trunks came from the future to warn everyone of this trouble. So, he is having a bit of a psychic dream, and is seeing what was suppose to happen. And even though he doesn't know what cell looks like, if it is psychic, it all comes to him anyways. So, even though this is a little complicated, it is what they intended it to be.
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big shit writes:
Hyperbolic Time Chamber
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Ryan writes:
I think this could just be a case of deja vu
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