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WWF Summerslam - That Wasn't Planned
Watch Summerslam 2000. The part where Kurt Angle and HHH are going at it. At one point HHH gets up on the announcer's table, getting ready to set Angle up for the Pedigree. He underhooks both arms, and get's ready to jump, and when he does the table collapses. Well obviously the tables are not real, but this one was really bad, he didn't even get the move halfway off. Then if you know enough about wrestling you can notice that HHH leans over and is obviously asking Angle if he is alright. Now the next night on raw when they show, replays, the try to make it look like he pedigreed him. But to anyone who watched summerslam knew this was not true. It's true, it's damn true!
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Contributed By: STUDLY on 03-20-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Dark Crucifix writes:
you are absolutely right on this slip up, but to add to it, watch it again, when HHH is talking to kurt after you can obviously tell Kurt is dazed and concussed, because when HHH was talking to Kurt, Kurt was trying to get up BEFORE HHH after HHH gave him a pedigree (even though it messed up) wich is a serious faux paus, HHH even grabbed Kurt from the back of his wrestling garb and pulled him back down to make sure the match didnt totaly screw up on another note on this slip up, some key parts of the match were obviously skipped from this miss hap, because after HHH gets up from doing the "pedigree" to kurt he simply grabs the sledgehammer and holds it so the camera can see, sure they do that everytime they grab anything; chairs, chains and what not but about 5 seconds after the hammer was brought up the rock came into play, so HHH and Kurt were obviosly supposed to do some other spots in the match leading to the hammer queing rock to come out because they wouldnt set up the match for HHH to go for the hammer directly after giving his signature move, if anything that demeans the power of the move if he was supposed to go for a weapon directly after hitting it.
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Nathan writes:
I don't think being concerned about Angles welfare is much of a "slip-up" but if that kind of thinng interests you check i t out any time a move goes wrong or something big goes down the other wrestler is always there "to capitalize on it" rather quickly. You can see them asking quite often I want someone to bring up the time Shawn broke character to keep a retarded kid from being manhandled by security. Or the time a fan actually got in the ring and Jim Niedhart had to shield him to keep the other wrestlers from beating his you now what to Timbuktu
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lordof4square writes:
listen! studly is correct this is indeed a slip-up because of the fact that the table broke before HHH planned on breaking it! watch the footage closely
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AJK writes:
Some tables are fake, some aren't. The folding ones they normally throw each other through are real, just naturally very weak. The announce tables are "fake" because they are specially designed to collapse easily. Either way, the table collapsed too easily, the move went wrong... technically, it's a slip-up :)
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Risktaker writes:
OK, on this. You know where it shows Kurt and Stephanie backstage. Well, he was con-cussed when he did that. It says so in his book, "It's True It's True" They had to shoot it many times to get it right, and they still messed up a bit. Kurt Angle still finished the match however, and did his spot.
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STUDLY writes:
Lets get "scientific" Triple H is 280-300 pounds? Lets say 270lbs. Kurt angle is about 280 lbs. Now when he got him in the pedigree Triple H has to push off the table. Now them combined is almost 500lbs on a 40 dollar table! That is the stupidest thing I've ever read. Number 1, HHH is not 280-300 lbs. He weighs roughly 250 lbs. How about Angle at 280? That is like saying Rikishi weighs 900 lbs. Even thought it looks like he does! Kurt Angle won the Olympics in freestyle heavyweight for 220 lbs. Are you saying that he gained 60 lbs in 4 years? I think not. Angle still weighs in around at 220. So that means you are full of it, obviously. Besides in early 2000, HHH and Mick Foley were on those tables,(No Way Out Hell in the Cell, and Royal Rumble Street Fight) and Mick honestly does weight 300 lbs. So Mick weighs 80 lbs more than Kurt, so the tables can honestly hold that amount of weight. So your theory is wrong.
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OMEGA BOMB writes:
If the tables are not fake tables then how do they just fall apart in so nice and neat. Unlike when Mick Foley first came and he took bumps through tables that were not made to fall apart on contact. Like when he was on the apron and the Taker hammered him with the steps and he flew off and his drove straight into the table and didn't break.
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STUDLY writes:
Man, this is a slip up. Because HHH didn't want the table to collapse on him. He wanted to execute the pedigree. He more or less just fell on Kurt Angle's head. I know that is what the pedigree is, but he didn't want to fall like the way that he did.
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Theman TOM writes:
Lets get "scientific" Triple H is 280-300 pounds? Lets say 270lbs. Kurt angle is about 280 lbs. Now when he got him in the pedigree Triple H has to push off the table. Now them combined is almost 500lbs on a 40 dollar table! The table is real just not supposed to hold that much weight. So pardon me Santo...that is not a slip-up.
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Chono writes:
I'm not sure if I would call this a slip-up. First of all the tables are real, if they weren't a real table how do you explain there existence? Kurt Angle actually suffered a legit concussion from that move, but injuries are common in pro wrestling. They happen all the time and are unfortunate but expected parts of the job. They just had the KOTR 2001 and Booker T hurt Steve Austin legit by throwing him on one of those "fake" tables. But that's part of the job, not necessarily a slip-up.
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