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Halloween - No Keys?
As Annie is going to pick up Paul, she goes to her car and finds it locked with no keys. She then goes back to the house to get the keys and when she comes back out she just walks up and opens the car door and without even using the keys to unlock it. Now I know you could say that it was because Myers got in the car, but since the whole point of having to get the keys in the first place was because the car door was locked, don't you think she would at least use them?
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Contributed By: C.W on 03-13-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Emily writes:
I can understand what you mean, but I think the director is trying to show that Michael was in the car to begin with and locked himself in. Then when she goes to get the keys he unlocks the door but she is to late to realize what has happened. You also know she doesn't realize this until she's in the car when she pauses before she starts the car.
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guilty_by_design writes:
Think about it, once she gets into the car, she stops for a moment, do you ever think she stops because then she realizes that door was unlocked? I think that is the way the director wanted it go go. It makes sense... no?
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Bane writes:
Maybe she thought of the keys as she was about to open the door (thought of the keys to start the car and the doors were unlocked), and stopped pulling on the handle to go back and get the keys before it un-latched the door.
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t-bone writes:
It is plain to see that she didn't even think about using the keys after she went all the way back inside and got them. Also she didn't even have time to put them in the ignition before she started the car.
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km0587 writes:
Micheal was could of been the one to lock the car in the first place and there was no reason for him to pick a lock. He just got into the car and locked the car after he was inside.
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Sara Jo writes:
Have you ever walked into a room in your house and forgot what you went in there for? Probably because you were distracted, right? Well, so was Annie. She was singing about Paul while retrieving the keys. Yes, the car door was definitely locked the first time she reaches for it. When she comes back, it's unlocked, with a CLOSE-UP SHOT of this fact. It made my heart sink to my stomach, because that meant SOMEONE had gotten INTO THE CAR! This is called "suspense". Not a slipup, this was INCREDIBLY, OBVIOUSLY, CLEARLY deliberate. Sheesh.
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Coffin Jim writes:
Annie just experienced a bit of absent-mindedness. She went in to get the keys, but between singing and combing her hair, she forgot her reason for going back. Thus, she didn't notice that the car door was open the second time. As for Michael getting in, that requires some suspension of disbelief.
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Josh writes:
Well maybe michael myers opened the door.
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the_wHo420 writes:
Why else do you think Annie looks at the camera before she starts the car?
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C.W writes:
Come on, you can plainly see she pulls that handle up and the door doesn't open. You are really reaching for some excuse to refute this. Watch it again.
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aiwa_assassin writes:
ok..assuming that michael got in the car, how did he do it without the keys? are they teaching mental patients how to pick locks? none of the windows were broken, and the only way he would have been able to pick the lock is if he learned it before he went to the psych hospital when he was 6 or 8, OR if they are teaching that at the hospital.
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