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Star Trek Voyager - 7's Eyepiece Thing
At the start of the episode Janeway says ALL of 7's Borg stuff... (not sure what she said, wasn't really paying attention) in the scene 7's eyepiece thing is not on, and the borg scars on her neck are removed. But later in the show the eyepiece thing and the scars have returned. AND all throughout the episode they keep coming on, off, on, off on, off on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off <pant, pant, pant>, on, off, on, off, etc.
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Special Requirements: The episode "Humanoid Error"
Contributed By: Brandon Pierce on 03-13-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Daniel Puglielli writes:
Are you sure this isn't the episode where 7 is experimenting with how her life might be after all her borg implants have been removed and she has completed her transition from borg to human in the holo deck? Because in that episode the holo deck removed all her implants and scars to make the experience as real as possible. if that is the episode you are referring to this is not a slip up.
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Aaron writes:
You must really hate holodeck confusing. (sarcasm) I worked it out when she said "computer end program"
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Silver girl writes:
For one thing, the episode was called 'Human Error' and the how thing was about 7 of 9's life would be different if she didn't have any implants.
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Jimbob writes:
Yes, I believe that you are talking about the episode where Seven is experimenting on the holodeck with how her life could be. So scenes on the holodeck feature her without any of her implants. This episode confused me at first until they made it clear what was going on. From there on out this makes it obvious which scenes are real and which are holodeck fantasy. Not a slipup.
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Annik writes:
The commercials for this episode really confused me too. Seven was expiramenting on the holodeck, and wanted to know what it would be like not having her implants. If you remember, her cortical array started to beep while she was getting romantic with the holo-Chakotay, and when she had the Holo-Doctor come to the holodeck for a medical emergency, he didn't know why her implants were gone until he told the computer to end the program. I hope this helped some of you, and feel free to email me about other episodes.
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