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Coyote Ugly - Flooded Apartment
In the scene where Violet (Jersey's) love interest comes to her apartment, and they go out, just before she leaves, before he even arrives, she begins to run a bath, she leaves her house with him, without turning off the tap!
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Contributed By: Aurora on 03-07-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Charisma_344 writes:
Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Kevin already there when she opens the door? and don't they just kiss and then he leaves and then it goes into another scene? so technically if I'm right she could've went back into her apartment and taken a bath...or did all this stuff you're talking about happen after her and Kevin kissed?
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IBabyIButterfly writes:
OK people, after she goes into her apartment, she turns on the bath water because she is going to take a bath. When she starts to take stuff out of her jean pockets, she finds the money she made that day and decides she wants to spend it. Then when she opens the door Kevin is there, and they talk and he kisses her and all, but the point is is that she was going out to spend her money, she was not going anywhere with Kevin and she didn't go anywhere with him. But it is true that she left the water running and she was about to leave and didn't turn it off. Anyway, hope you guys find this helpful. Enjoy the movie. Bye
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Robin writes:
I know where you mean, only she doesn't leave with him. They just kiss, then she goes back in, but she was going to leave with it running! I noticed that the first time I saw it.
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Kathy writes:
What happened was (my fave movie i have seen 20 plus times, believe me), she had previously helped Kevin (NOT Eric) unload a fish truck & therefore reeked of fish, so yes she went home & ran the bath water then proceeded to clear out her pockets before stripping for a bath she found the money she made & decided to "spend it!". Heading out the door (FORGETTING THE BATH WAS STILL RUNNING) & opened the door only to catch Kev about to knock.
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Cuddles writes:
In the scene described when she turns the water on you can clearly see the plug is in the drain.
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Iforgetus writes:
That isn't necessarily a slip-up she could have not closed the drain and nothing would have happened.
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perfect1 writes:
Violet decided to go spend her money and opened her door after she turned on the bath. Eric was there and he kissed her and said "have a nice day". Then she turned around and went back in her apartment.
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jes_luvs_dance writes:
Okay~ Well I noticed that too. And, not to be rude but I have been to New York City and up there you just don't waste water like that. Why would she leave the water on if she was living, plus she was going to take a bath, because she smelled of her shirt or something before she ran the water so why would she leave the drain open?
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