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Girl, Interruped - Time Jumps?
The movie trailer starts by saying (not exact words): "In 1969 some went to Vietnam, some went to Woodstock, and others went to Claymore (the mental hospital in the movie)." Well in the movie Susanna is supposed to have gone to the hospital shortly after her high school graduation. If you notice the banner when Susanna flashes back to her graduation, it says 1967. I also read the book and the real Susanna went to the hospital in 1967. So, the movie trailer jumps ahead 2 years from the actual movie.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-14-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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frogwomyn writes:
This is more of a nit-picky question than a slip-up, but maybe not. As you stated the trailer says Susanna went to Claymoore in '69, yet the movie shows her graduating in '67, but we don't know how much time elapses between high school and her entrance into Claymoore. However, Petula Clarks "Downtown" was popular in '65, so how could it still be popular in '69 when it was played on the radio, then later sung by Jolie & Ryder? Song popularity doesn't last that long? Also, on a side note, to more solidify that Susanna IS in Claymoore in '69, the TV in the living room shows Disney World being built. While news of a possibly Disney World began in '65, a formal announcement made in '67 and ACTUAL construction began in April of '69. Thats all...
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Auslander writes:
You just need to read the book. The time frame is played around with a little in the movie for dramatic reasons. It all happened in the late 60's and that's all they really cared about. Also, did any of you think about the relevance of a bunch of people locked up in a hospital singing about going downtown to make themselves feel better? That was the point... they COULDN'T go anywhere. So regardless of when that song was popular, that's why it's in the movie. Plus, I hear song from 5 years ago almost every time I turn on the radio. And yes, the '69 was part of a weather report.
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Marty writes:
Doesn't "it's 69 in Boston" refer to the weather -- it's 69 degrees in Boston?
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Legs Sadovsky writes:
Why would anyone state the year on the radio? I also think it's the temperature.
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KT writes:
They wouldn't state the year over the radio. If it's '69 in Boston, it's '69 all over the world, not just Boston. They meant that the temperature was 69.
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MandyG writes:
About the Disney World thing in 1969, if you watch the director's commentary on the DVD, he mentions that Disney world was not built until the early 70's. They just used Disney World to add to the story line. About her going in in 1967, if you read the book she does actually enter in 1967. Now the movie is another story, she entered the hospital in what i figured to be late 1967, that's the only way that she could have been there a year and still have witnessed the assassination of Dr. King with the other patients.
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LLij-aise writes:
Ok, now to clear up any confusion about the dates that Susanna was in the hospital: First of all even if the song Downtown wasn't still "popular" there is no reason why it wouldn't be played on the radio. Do they always play songs that are current hits on the radio all the time?...No Also don't you have a song that is not still popular that you like to hum or sing every now and then?...Most likely you do. Second, about the middle of the movie they are playing the Wilco song, Loneliness and showing Cynthia's birthday, pushing each other through the hall in the chairs w/wheels, etc. In this sequence, they show the girls and Valerie (the nurse) watching the news report about Martin Luther King Jr's death. Well, we all know that was in 1968. Some of you might say it doesn't necessarily mean they were watching it live in 1968 when it happened, but look at the girl's faces they look shocked and Valerie is crying. They wouldn't necessarily be doing that if they were watching a rebroadcast of the event a year later. So my point is, they must have done the trailer before the movie was finished and forgot that the scene existed when they released the trailer on to TV. Therefore it is a slip-up.
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frogwomyn writes:
Actually, if you listen to background music carefully, when Susana gets in the cab headed for Claymoore the radio states that "It's '69 in Boston" and then proceeds to play the song "Downtown".
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DisneyParafanalia writes:
About the 2 year difference. Not everything is happening all at once, you know? If you remember at the end, I think it's a soliloquy or she's talking to the shrink or something. She says "I've wasted a year of my life". And in the beginning the doc says "You seem to be the only graduating senior not to be going to college"......implying that it is just recently after graduating. So, if she checked in in the fall of '67.....that leaves room for the assassination (so sad) of Martin Luther King, Jr. in '68. But as for the disney world thing...I think they were just talking about the construction going up for the park. I don't really remember that part, so maybe I'm wrong. But when something big is going up like that (a new theme park, as big as the Disney name is in the 60's) you'd think they'd be talking about it on the news quite frequently until it was totally built and open for business. Hope I helped some. I love this movie.
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