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Girl, Interruped - Nervous Habits?
In the scene where Susanna and Lisa are staying at Daisy's apartment, the next morning Lisa is sitting at the kitchen table when Susanna comes in from her walk. She asks Lisa if Daisy had come downstairs yet. Lisa ashes her cigarette answers Susanna and then ashes her cigarette again. She hadn't taken a drag off of it and it was only a few seconds since she had ashed it previously.
By the way does anyone know what she was messing with on the table during that scene?
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-14-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Kels writes:
I was just watching Girl, Interrupted today and I don't think that this was a slip up either. As a smoker, I do tend to ash frequently between drags, especially when agitated as, of course, Lisa was. Also, the item on the table that Lisa was playing with when Suzanne comes back is part of a percolator coffee maker. You put the filter in the top and water flows up through the tube and drips down to make coffee.
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Auslander writes:
Why on earth would Lisa be expected to do only rational things?
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Bradley writes:
By Habit I continuously ash my cigarette even though I may have not even dragged off it. It still does burn withough taking a drag.
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DaBombBaby87 writes:
Maybe she didn't get all of the ashes of the first time she tried???
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Whattacutie writes:
I don't think it was a nervous habit with ashing two times. I've known people that do it three times if they have to. I noticed her ash was still pretty long and didn't get it all off the first time, and she looked at it and noticed that so she did it again to try and knock it off. The thing she is playing with I'm not sure what kind, but it's for a coffee maker. You put the coffee grinds in there.
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vanillabunnie writes:
I am not sure what she was messing with on the table. But about the cigarette, you obviously must not be a smoker, or ever hang around people who are, because if you were you would know that sometimes, out of habit, especially if you are talking, or worried about something you will ash your cigarette a million times in a row, with or without taking a drag. That said I don't think it was a slip up, but I could be wrong ;o)!!
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FaeriePrincess301 writes:
I wouldn't say this is a slip up. I do that all the time. You don't need to take a drag off a cigarette to ash it...
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ashley writes:
Yea that was a filter, i have one just like it for my cappicino maker. But I'm wondering, in the same scene where Susana finds Daisy dead, I thought she was hanging from the shower curtain rod, but the rope seemed to go up much higher. Maybe it was a rafter thing, I don't know.
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