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Animorphs Books (All)(K. A. Applegate) - Oops
On the covers of the Animorph books, it shows the character changing into animals wearing jewelry, shoes, and loose clothing. But, in the book, they always morph in tight clothes, and bare feet.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-20-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Ryanm2005 writes:
First of all, they didn't MORPH naked! They DEMORPHED naked if they didn't know how to do the clothes. Second, one thing i dont understand, is that in every book, except for the one where Jake does, it says they can't tell their names because people reading might be Controllers. Well i can understand that part, but the part i don't is where they TELL US that they are HUMAN. If there were any Controllers reading (like there would be anyway, its a book!) they would have told Visser Three/One and they would have been dead. So why couldn't they tell us their names and just forget about the Controllers?
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Harmony RiverHawk writes:
Speaking of covers, did anyone ever notice that, even though the books say Tobias has "dirty blonde" hair, he is always depicted with dark brown hair, (On book #3, and some Megamorphs, as well as on the TV show) until the very last few Tobias books? That always bothered me.
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DB writes:
I noticed it too, but I don't think they should have pictures of nude people or people in really tight clothes on kids books
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Spug writes:
The artist David B. Mattingly says that he did it because he wants to make the cover look cool and drag interest. Remember, he's an artist, and the covers doesn't really have a lot to do with the content of the book. And look at the cover of #4; WOW, Cassie morphs in the correct clothing!
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Kat writes:
I've noticed this and it bugs me. Also, in book 53, it says that the animorphs have been fighting for 3 years, they are 16 now. Doesn't DBM know that there r physical differences between a 13 and 16 year old?!? I showed my mother the drawing on front of the most recent Tobias book and had her guess his age. she guessed that he was ten. she guessed that Jake was 13.
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buffyboy28 writes:
This isn't a real slip-up. If you have been to the Animorphs web-site, K A Applegate answers this question. Plus, wouldn't each front cover look pretty weird if they were dressed in skin-tight clothing? I don't know about why it happens in the TV show, probably cause they would look weird. But the front covers are not slip-ups, believe me.
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Cynicat writes:
I noticed that, and it's always really annoyed me - they also do it in the TV show.
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@ssKicker writes:
In the first few books, only Cassie and Rachel have learnt how to wear tight clothing when morphing- everyone else morphed naked.
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