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Sixth Sense, The - Feeding the Dead
When Malcolm is in the restaurant, he and his wife are sitting across from each other. Both Malcolm and his wife have food in front of both of them. If Malcolm is dead, why would he have been able to order food!?!?
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Special Requirements: Watch the movie
Contributed By: Sky B. on 03-16-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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WildCherryMommy writes:
Hello he does not have food in front of him. He got there when she was on desert, I just popped in the DVD to be sure, and there was NO food there for him. Please, you were just making that up, you should watch the movie again before saying there is a mistake in it. As to the post that is the first post, it was never said that he had lived those months that way, for all we know is he put himself in an imaginary theme, just like when he can't open that door he thinks it is looked and he thinks he had used a key to unlock it, but he didn't, he was just there because he wanted to be there. But, what ever the reason is I think the directors left it open it was not said because it was not the point. It is however feasible that he was there quite a while thinking she was ignoring him, but how long who knows when his spirit came back after his death, we don't and that is the point.
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defroth writes:
He does not have food in front of him. Heck you see him walk in and sit down. He never orders food.
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Kimberly~Diann writes:
OK, Malcome goes into the resturant and sits down and just a couple of minutes later his wife leaves. He did not have time to order food and get it anyway. This is not a slip-up, the food was already there.
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Jewels writes:
I'm not sure whether or not he does actually have food, but in regards to the part about where he sleeps, he is dead, he sees and hears what he wants to. So, he obviously sees himself sleeping in the same bed as her.
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Jussac writes:
Good catch. My Uni lecturer came up with another... Malcolm has been dead from 2-4 months, right? Where did he sleep? How did he sleep next to his wife every night without touching her at all and not think this a wee strange? Nobody is mad with their husband for that long without it coming to a head!
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kieferlover writes:
If i remember correctly: Malcom walks into the restaurant and sees his wife sat with an untouched dessert in front of her. He then talks, the bill comes, he reaches for it but she beats him too it, she signs the credit card slip, sighs and says 'happy anniversary' and leaves.
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Jill writes:
I am pretty sure his wife ordered his food as a sad reminder he is gone (maybe it was even his "usual"....I mean, she also talks to him; would you consider that a mistake?
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Marsa writes:
Maybe she is a Buddhist, their customs are that way. Me too, I place food for my Mother who's gone.
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AJ writes:
Exactly. He just arrives and says some stuff about Cole, and then he reaches out for the bill and she takes it and says, "Happy aniversery," and leaves. Clearly he did not order anything.
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SpEcIeS-UnKnOwN? writes:
I think the word you were looking for is 'end' not 'head'. Without it coming to a head... LoL
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