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Dragonball Z - Made in Japan...
In the Android saga where 20 is scouting out his victims Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Tien and Krillin, he gets a reading on them, specifically, their power levels. However, it also lists their names, only they are the origional Japanese names. For Piccolo, it says Piccoro, for Tien it says Tienshinhan, and for Krillin it says Kururin (He didn't scout Vegeta because he was too powerful to sap energy from , and Gohan is the same in Japan). Why didn't FUNimation just change the names?
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Contributed By: Notum on 03-07-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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LionHeart writes:
Because its too much work to erase the names, change them again, and then color them exactly the same. FUNimation just wants to translate them, not change the the little details.
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Diceman writes:
I've noticed that in most animes they only translate writing into English if it's essential to the story. Watch a Sailor Moon or Tenchi Muyo episode: An important place-name will probably be translated, but the writing on a milk carton or soda bottle will usually be left in Japanese. What surprised me here is that Android 20's scanner read in Roman letters and not Japanese kanji...
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SegaCD writes:
R and L (B/V, G/J) are the same letters in Japanese writing hence the confusion. (The R is rolled is rolled sounding like L, the others are interchangeable) Confused? For details check the link.
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strawbabies writes:
It's the same in Cardcaptors, in some cases they erase the Japanese and never put something in it's place (anyone notice how their teacher wrote on the board and nothing came up?), in some they write something over it and sometimes they just simply leave it. It's the same in most over-dubbed TV shows. Neon Genesis Evangelion was good, they left the writing alone for the most part. Who agrees with me, it isn't good that they tamper with the animation. If thats what the creators wanted there, they put it there and we shouldn't stuff with it.
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