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Matrix, The - Is It an Exit or Not?
At the very begining of the film Trinity is in room 303 of the Heart 'O The City Hotel. When she realises that she has been traced she needs an exit. She is told how to find one, and this involoves much running over rooftops and suchlike. However at the end of the film when Neo needs an exit, he is directed back to room 303. Is there an exit there or not? There obviously is, because Neo uses it. But why did trinity not use it at the begining?
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Special Requirements: The Matirx
Contributed By: Kelwen on 12-01-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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BlackSheep writes:
Do you guys listen to the dialogue at all in movies... yes they are the same rooms, I'll say that. But when Trinity is there Morphious says the agents cut the hardline. Later on in the movie, when Neo was looking for an escape, Tank tells him that there is a patched line, so obviously the line that was originally cut was patched somehow, maybe they used duct tape or something I don't know, but that's what they said. Next time try listening.
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- Snaack - writes:
Okay.. Now this is MY explanation for everything.. -We know for sure the exit Neo attempts to reach at the end of the movie is the same one as Trinity cannot use. -We also now that the Agents are aware of the fact that the phone in room 303 has an exit built-in and they obviously where able to disable it -That ofcourse means that the Agents wanted Neo to use that exit. It is pretty clear to me that, if the agents where able to (softwarematically) disable the exit, they have full control over it.. And that means they can enable it aswell! (remember the bricked-in windows?!) So they enabled it again, Tank noticed that the exit was operational again (which is not a slip-up in the movie but a slip-up of Tank so the directors wanted him to make that mistake!), and Tank sent Neo towards the exit.. So, it al makes sense.. My opinion is that, since the Matrix is one of the best thought-out movies ever made, it was a trap (not especially for Neo but for all intruders), set by the Agents (DUH)
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Sammo writes:
Prehaps Trinity's elephant caught on fire and she had to go beat the flames out with a rusty hacksaw?
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lost_in_brain writes:
In response to kelwen's second response, the one where he asks how did they fix the phonelines: who the hell do you think is in charge of fixing the phone lines? Certainly not the agents or Neo and Co. That's why we have PHONE COMPANIES! They repair phone lines!!! DUH!!!! Now, doesn't that make sense?
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Darkpenguin00 writes:
Look, if you have no idea how many times i have watched the matrix. HERE is the REAL EXPLANATION: The only way the matrix could listen to Phone conversations is if it were connected to the phone lines itself. So it laid teh ground work for the phone EMULATIONS, hardlines. These Hardlines exist outside the matrix as well as inside. since the hardlines are connected at certain places (Such as Room 303 and the payphones) these are the only way in and out. so if a hardline is cut than access to the real world is impossible. So but cutting a hardline, agents destroy an exit keeping the rebels in the matrix. and about the ending, most likely the matrix has phone companys, cutting the hardline would kill all phones in the area. Since cellphones are not connected directly it's impossible to exit or enter through them. Also remember this when someone exits, the phone hangs off the hook, so it cannot be called untill it's hung up. Also if you look closely there is no phone in the oracales apartment. Coinsidence? I Think not....
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Ging writes:
This is my opinion: Hardlines are merely telephone landlines and cos they offer a fixed data transmission point unlike mobiles. So in the beginning the line is cut, fine. Then during the film the normal people still in the matrix are gonna want their phone back so are gonna get reconnected, hence it being fixed at the end
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SCHIZO writes:
At the start before they assault the building they cut the phone line to the building.
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eengrms writes:
The only real slipup here, if any of you actually read the script, is the fact that the exit WAS patched. In the beginning of the script, the building is described as: "The hotel was abandoned after a fire licked its way across the polyester carpeting, destroying several rooms as it spooled soot up the walls and ceiling leaving patterns of permanent shadow". Now since we all know for a FACT that it was the same building, and the same room (regardless of the camera angle they used in the beginning making it look like it was at the end of the hall), why would the phone company bother patching the phone lines in an abandoned building? It doesn't make sense that the agents would have facilitated that, why create more exits? Also, there was plenty of time to have the lines fixed. The movie spans over seven months of the year 1999, as evident from the date on the computers in the beginning and the end. The majority of that time is when they were working on Neo on the ship, notice the hair growth, which was minimal, but still there.
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Waky Tanaky writes:
-It IS the same room of the SAME building! -Trinity could escape because "they" cut the hard-line (note the guy cutting the hard-line) now... heres what i think: there are two (possibly more) solutions. 1. over the span of the movie, the city services fixed the line. 2. the agents fixed it on purpose so Tank would see it and recoment that exit for Neo; therefore, Agent Smith would wait for Neo behind the door. Now.... Why don't we all just forget that this whole thing ever happened
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Eric V writes:
OK- HERE IS MY EXPLANATION FOR EVERYTHING- I think that Tank has to make an exit. I think he has to find a telephone line, adn then make a huge program to allow the people to leave the matrix. Obviously it takes a long time to make an exit, other wise they could make one on almost every telephone. (And believe me, there were probably 100's of potential phones that Neo could have used to get out.) Tank tells him to use that exit becuase he already had a program on it, prpbably becuase trinity was using it. He can use it now becuase in that couple of weeks between when Trinity and Neo uses it, Im sure that and electric or a phone company fixed it. As with the Agent allready being in the room, of course he will be- becuase he remembered the room. At the begining, the camera pans the "Heart 'o the city hotel" "hourly rate" "free tv" and when Neo runs into the building, its the same hotel, becuase the Agent looks up at the sign, and he knew which room it was that had the program to get out, so he got in there first. And no, exits dont appear at random places... and yeah, Tank sais "I got a patch on an old exit," meaning it is usable now. And at the begining, of course there was a phone line in the room trinity used... think about it. Id explain, but it would take too long. Its kinda obvious... When Morphius sais "theres no time, youl have to get to another exit" it either means there is no time to fix the line, or there is no time to make an exit nearby, thats why she has to run for blocks to find one that was allready programed as exitable
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ultimatefishook writes:
Well. As someone mentioned, they use a hardline to get into and out of the Matrix. Now major phone lines(even here in the real world) can be cut. If a major phone line is cut it can cut off the connection to several buildings around it, this is why they would have repaired the lines anyway.
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Phoenix writes:
I don't know what all of you have been smoking, but stop. Drugs are not good for you. First of all, yes, it was in the same room. In the Heart O' the City motel. That is obvious because...*the name is on the building and you see it both times*. And did anyone ever think that maybe the rebels repaired the hard line, that way they had exits to get out with? I think that qualifies as a reasonable alternative to 'saving the world'. Yes, there was a phone in the room with Trinity, yes it was the same room in which Neo was shot, and yes it is entirely feasible that the hardline was repaired after it was cut. Both sides of the struggle, as well as the neutral third party, would benefit from this.
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writes: That's my explanation.
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Vortex writes:
Because at the end there was a phone there, at the beginning, Trinity was using a computer and there wasn't a phone there.
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Kelwen writes:
My previous comment was in answer to the first comment. But in answer to the second point, if this is the case how come it was working again at the end of the film. Would they really take time out of their busy saving-the-world schedule to mend phonelines? Besides, when during the film would they have had the opportunity? It all seems a bit dodgy to me. This is quite easy to spot, which makes me think that if it isn't a slipup then some explaination of how it came to happen should have been given in the film.
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Impulse writes:
Don't exit appear at random locations? That's the way I thought it worked. When an exit is requested Tank attempts to get a random exit with in a certain radius of the person who made the request. So no, i don't think it's a slip up.
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Mike-K-Two writes:
Blacksheep is right, the line was cut and then "patched" thus allowing Neo to use the exit.
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Brand Eks writes:
What about the fact that when Trinity (at the begining of the movie) is in that room, she says to Morpheus that "the line was traced - I don't know how". At the end, Neo doesn't care if the line was traced or not, Tank tells him it's an exit, so he goes for it! Of course, he gets it in the chest by Smith ANYWAYS, but that's besides the point...
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In response to Trinity not knowing how the line was traced, we learn that right at the beginning when the agents talk about the source inside. She was sold out by a spy and of course Neo doesn't care if it's traced. The agents are chasing him and he just wants out.
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kater writes:
Didn't Trinity say that they tapped into the phone lines? If that were the case, this would be the reason for needing a different exit...wouldn't it?
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Urppp writes:
I don't even think that the room in the end and beginning are the same. Okay, in the beginning, that room Trinity was in had a long hallway leading up to it, so it was the end of the hallway (actually, it was on the corner) You can tell when the cops was walking up with flashlights to the room, and when Trinity ran out the room and saw the agents. When Neo exits, the room was on the side of a long hallway, he turned and the agent shot him. And when he was alive again, you can obviously tell that the room is on the side. Also, the presence of natural light suggest that the exit room has a window, where as the room Trinity was in does not (she was walking all over the walls)
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Ha writes:
In recongnition of the above point...that may be true. There are probably more that one Apt. 303 in that city. Just a thought that it may not be the same place.
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Lexi writes:
Allow me to explain: Trinity: Sh**.... Morpheus, the line was traced, I don't know how. Morpheus: I know, they cut the hard line. There's no time, you're going to have to get to another exit. See that? The line was cut, therefore the exit that might have been was ruined and she needed a different one. See, a simple answer.
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CompuCRash writes:
ok first, why can't they exit with mobile phones? because all phones in the matrix are software objects. they dont connect to hardware. so what difference does it make if you have a phone line or not? the following does not have to do with the original subject: Second, how the hell can you die if someone just directly pull the plug? how can your mind be "detatched"? Third, how can your mind generate blood from the body in the real world after getting hurt in the matrix?
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LAzar writes:
Ermmm, if i remembered correctly. near the beginning of the movie, there was a scene showing someone cutting a rather large wire. Hard-line? I think so.
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NamelessOne writes:
It's already somewhere on this board. The hard line was cut in the beginning and later it was repaired. It's easy, isn't it? *g*
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Wycked writes:
In the beginning of the movie when Trinity kicks the first cop if you run it in slow motion you can very clearly see a white telephone to the right of the laptop.
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DV8 writes:
Okay. Here we go. No, the exits don't just appear in random areas. If the agents cut the line at the beginning, it would obviously have been fixed. The cutting of the line would cut out other people's phone lines in the area, so the line would be fixed. There was always a phone in the room, it just didn't work when Trinity needed it. The line was then fixed and ready when Neo needed it.
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SilverSayianGT writes:
The agents do cut the hard line and she must use another exit, but why wouldn't the humans in the matrix fix it.
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itomcatt writes:
Perhaps I'm looking too far into this, but as I see it, the agent is already in the room waiting for Neo...perhaps this "hard line" was repaired to lay the trap for Neo as the computer knows he will be headed to the nearest exit.
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Kelwen writes:
That much is self-evident, but why? Surely the phone wouldn't just have appeared on its own. Also, Tank refers to it as "an old exit". So, I'll ask the question again, Why didn't Trinity use it at the beginning? Perhaps because it was a slipup...
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foxmulder writes:
The exits change. You can't just use the same exit all the time. Plus, there wasn't a phone there. And how do you know it is the same building?
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