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Top Gun - Canopy
When Maverick & goose eject Goose dies when hits the ejected canopy. This would never happen in real life because canopies are made to break on impact so this exact thing would not happen.
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Special Requirements: Top Gun Movie
Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-16-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Richard Bulmer writes:
There are two types of Ejection in most combat aircraft. 1st, pulling the handle between your legs is designed to blown the canopy clean off. This only works if you are traveling forward. 2nd, pulling the handle above your head brings down a sort of leather cloak which goes in front of your face (the reason being obvious). It also detonates the explosive rip-cord built into the canopy, which shatters into a million bits. And finally, spikes pop out of the top of the Ejector seat to make sure it penetrates the canopy. So there is no way Goose could have died.
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Otis writes:
This could have in fact happened. I know someone that died in the Marine Corps from the same type of thing. It can's not supposed to and it's not likeley.
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Tom Rice writes:
EJECT! EJECT! EJECT!.The F-14 does not have a frangible canopy (you cannot eject through it, it will kill you just like it did GOOSE). There are no SPIKES that come out of the top of the F-14 Martin Baker Ejection seat and break through the canopy and what is pulled over your face from the upper ejection control handle is called a Face Curtain, it is NYLON material.. The Ejection seats (not called EJECTOR Seats) only fire after the canopy is clear of the aircraft ensuring a clear ejection area. There is a steel wire cable that fires the ejection seats which is attached to the canopy. The pilot has command eject, which means when he pulls either of his ejection control handles, both seats will fire, the aft seat, Goose, can eject on his own or if his ejection selector is on command, will eject the front seat too, the aft seat always goes first. Anyway if either aircrew in the front or back initiate Ejection the canopy goes first. GO NAVY!! AME1(AW)
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