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Matrix, The - 90 Degree Door to Sliding Door
When the agents are chasing Neo at the very begining of the movie (after he receives the phone) in his office, he exits a window by opening it to a full 90 degrees outward, yet when he goes out and comes back in, it somehow magically changed into a sliding door. Hmmmmm, a glitch in the Matrix?
Slipup By: Johan Anderson.
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Special Requirements: Matrix
Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-21-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Eurisko writes:
uh, there isn't any "neo-reentry" scene in my copy of the matrix, but rather a sequence of events in the following order and times: [15.43] - Morpheus tells Neo to "open it" (the window) [16.17] - Neo exits the building via the window [16.37] - Neo reaches the black girder [16.46] - Neo drops the phone [16.53] - Neo says "I can't do this" [16.58] - Camera is on the ground showing us Neo being arrested and loaded into the cop car. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, I'm just pointing out that Neo doesn't actually reenter the building. Obviously we assume that he does at some point :-) but it's not actually in the copy of the movie I've got.
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Eurisko writes:
oh ok *that* reentry. I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about, well, I'm sure you get the idea. But I'm still missing this sliding-door-window bit. As far as I can tell, the bit you're talking about is between when Neo exits the building saying, "This is insane. What'd I do? Nobody. I didn't do anything. I'm gonna die." and heading back in again after peeking over the edge. But the window is still not a sliding window. It's just pushed open so wide it's right up against the wall (which is accented when he's peeking because his back is pressed up against it, and again when he is standing in the open window, because his left hand is resting on it and moving it back and forth slightly). Am I still in the wrong place?
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segger writes:
I agree with eurisko. I see no sliding window but a hinged window. I see no glitch in the matrix but a glitch in your mind.
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snoopy writes:
There isn't a scene of him going back in, is there? I'm confused
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Septari writes:
He does not reenter the building, I'm sorry, it is when he hesitates, and he backs up into the window which slides on a track. This is the same window he had to open to 90 degrees to open. Watch carefully with that in mind and you'll get it.
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snoopy writes:
There isn't a sliding door. We're right, you're wrong.
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