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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Transporter Amnesia
This is more a cross-over between TNG on TV and the movie Star Trek: Generations. In the episode where the TNG crew rescues Scotty from the Dyson sphere (I forget the title). He says that it must of been Capt. Kirk that mounted the rescue expedition when he didn't arrive at the planet he was going to retire on. In the movie ST: Generations - Scotty was on the Enterprise at the time of Kirk's "death" (and Kirk was presumed dead until Picard finds him in the Nexus).
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-15-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Shawn writes:
Maybe he was drunk when he stepped of the transporter pad.
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Morgan Travers writes:
This isn't really a slip-up, it's a case of a later production making something in a past production false. At the time this episode, "Relics", was made (early 92, I think), this was a normal way for Scotty to react, because the movie "Star Trek: Generations" probably hadn't even been written yet (it came out in November of 94). It was the script writer of "Star Trek: Generations" who didn't take this episode into account. "Relics" came first, "Star Trek: Generations" came second.
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Shalroth writes:
Well, he is getting on a bit...and he may well have been confused anyway.
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Trouble writes:
I justified this one in my head by assuming that Scotty was a tad confused after spending so much time in the transporter matrix. I can't remember anymore how long he had been in there, but likely he went with the first thought in his head: Enterprise = Kirk. (Yes, yes, I know... justification after the fact.)
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jslicer writes:
Yes, while the "Next Generation" portion of "Generations" took place on stardate 48632.4 (A.D. 2371), the "Enterprise B" portion would have been around A.D. 2293 which is stardate 9715.5. Clearly, 9715.5 is before 48632.4 AND 46125.3 and Scotty does see Kirk "die" on the Enterprise B before the Next Generation episode "Relics".
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Mark writes:
While I can't explain this in a Star Trek way the obvious answer is that when the ST:TNG episode was written Kirk hadn't been killed in Generations! The writers of the episode had no idea that a future movie would kill Kirk off in a time BEFORE the ST:TNG episode was set :(
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mortystouffer writes:
the episode is "Relics"
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omega13a writes:
I would say this isn't a slip up at the time the episode was made. It is a slipup though in Star Trek Generations as that the people who made that movie should have remembered Scotty said Kirk was still alive at the time he entered that transporter beam.
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eeri9971 writes:
The writers were well aware of this slip-up when they wrote Generations. Somewhere, it's written that they used Scotty in Generations out of "affection for the character".
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SciFi_fan writes:
I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. It is a rather huge slip up.
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LuBu writes:
This is not a slip up. The stardate for the TNG episode "Relics" that featured Scotty is 46125.3, while the stardate for "Generations" is 48650.1. Obviously, "Relics" took place before "Generations". You can find this info on the official Star Trek website, if you really want to look.
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