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Star Trek Voyager - New Technology, Way Too Old Ship
When the bridge of the Klingon D7 class ship was shown all the controls were touch-screen. Ships of that era (Star Trek [the original series]) had dials and switches. It is not likely that it was upgraded, because by the time the technology was availablethe ship would be very far from Klingon space. Also D7 class ships were armed with only phaser banks, there were no photon torpedos. Also a cloaked ship cannot fire any weapon. OOOPSS!!
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Special Requirements: Watch the episode "Prophesy"
Contributed By: morgan on 02-13-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Daniel Puglielli writes:
You are wrong about the cloaked ship firing part, if you noticed the ship was firing only when it was not cloaked.
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Shawn writes:
We know that Federation and Romulan ships had switches and dials. There's no indication that Klingon control panels developed the same way as ours.
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opermonkey writes:
also, who's to say that they hadn't upgraded their systems? it would be naive to beleive that they had gone all that time making no upgrades. they would get smashed in any battle, and sitting 'targs' to anyone in the galaxy.
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cpikey316_ writes:
They fired when they were Decloaked. Tuvok said that they had Recloaked before he could get a reading on the ship.
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EILER writes:
Come on people the only reason that the ship is different is because the older shows have been out dated. If you watch the old series you will see that even the klingons themselves did not even have ridges they just had brownish gold paint on their bodies. We have touch screens now so don't you think that in the 24th century they might have some better technology than switches and dials.Even on the new "enterprise" series they are going to have touch screens on the ship that even the original series' ship did not have.The only reason that the ships are better is because we have better tech now than they had in the originals.
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Mathayus Windu writes:
In Star Trek The Undiscovered Country, General Chang has a Warbird that can fire while cloaked. What's to say that these Klingons didn't find that information?
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