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Dragonball Z - Nice Hair Vegeta!
When Vegeta and Nappa are on the planet Arlia, Vegeta has brown hair. When they land on earth, Vegeta's hair is black and his outfit is different too.
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Special Requirements: Saiyan Saga
Contributed By: Namekian on 02-11-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Cowandchick writes:
On the topic of Vegeta's hair, do you ever notice that it NEVER changes? (except in DBGT, but that doesn't count.) Even in the capsule corp's 300G training room, it doesn't even slightly flicker. Goku, on the other hand, has his hair swaying in the wind.
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Namekian writes:
Yeah, I noticed that. The only ones who had different hair styles in the Dragonball Z series were Yamcha, Gohan and Bulma.
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Piccolo writes:
Vejita probably uses lots of hair gel and Vaseline. :)
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Duo God of Death writes:
Vegeta and Goku's hair will always stay the same because a pure sayian's hair will never change from the day they are born. They explain this later in the Android saga just after Vegeta and Trunks get out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
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trunks writes:
Vegita's hair change colour from when he was a child to what he is now
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dbzfanatic writes:
I think that you overlooked something cowandchick. On the topic of swaying hair, did you forget when Gokuh fights Vegeta on Earth, that both of their hair is swaying in the wind? And yes, the lights were different, but if you look REALLY closely at namekian and trunks, and everyone else for that matter, that Vegeta's hair is always brown. It is very dark, so it looks black, but I can assure you, my brothers' hair is just like that. It looks black, but it IS dark brown. In some of his close ups, you can see that his hair and eyebrows are a shade of brown, while his eyes are black. I hope this helped clear things up a little bit.
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Michael B. writes:
One thing. Do you remember when there on Arile that it was night there and there was a fire going. Of course this would make it appear his hair is brown but it is just the glow of the fire. His clothes never changed they were always the same. The colors never changed. Sorry to point that out.
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Lydia writes:
Yeah, you know what else? Vegeta says that a pure blooded saiyan's hair doesn't change from the day he's born, but HIS hair line is receding... hmmm. I'd call THAT a change!
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Marai no Cell writes:
First of all, it has nothing to do with colors of the stars or with the atmosphere of the planet Arlia that caused Vegita to have green armor and brown hair. If you remember, when Vegita was on the planet where they got the message that Raditzu was dead,Vegita was a brunette with green armor there too. What it really is, is that the anime was originally made from the manga. The first time that Vegita appeared in the manga was in black and white. The episode about Arlia was a filler. Because it was in black and white, when it came time for the animators of the anime to color Vegita in the anime, they had to try different colors. At that time they decided on green armor with brown hair. When Vegita had arrived on Earth in the manga was the first time he was shown in color and so the animators from then they on colored him with white armor, blue spandex, and black hair.
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Ashley writes:
Y'know, those comments are pretty good, but hey, to make it easier, why don't we just say he dyed his hair? Hehehe...
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superboy650 writes:
To explain the fact that Vegeta's hairline is receding in the series even though it is not supposed to according to Vegeta is that the animators wanted to keep Vegeta's hair the same while making him seem older. That's why he goes from this short little teenage looking guy in the Saiyan Saga to a taller buffer young adult in the Frieza saga to this Tall, Bulky, No-neck, jerk in the Cell Saga. The receding hairline is actually the fact that Vegeta was getting larger but not his hair. Animators kept his hair the same length to provide the idea of age. I got this on the website Planet Namek I think. Don't know the URL though.
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MysticGohan89 writes:
Well, Vegeta's outfit changes alot in the series. I guess Funimation wanted him to have variety, he couldn't stay in the same grimy outfit forever. ~MG89
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MBT54321 writes:
Yes, his clothes change in between Arlia and Earth. And Vegeta's hair is and always will be brown, it is just very dark. If you look closely in most episodes, they do show that a little bit. But it is much easier to color it in black. As far as the hairline. It is not receding. Its just that style of hair. His father had the same hairline as Vegeta did as a child.
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strawbabies writes:
Yes, his hair IS always brown. Sometimes, if we get a close up of his face and his hair and the animation is good we see it's brown, but very dark. It was a year before they got to earth and maybe, just MAYBE it darkened somehow, maybe he dyed it, although god knows why he would do that. Remember, the animation of that saga was pretty awful compared to some other things we see in the later series...
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