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Star Trek Voyager - The Past Versus the Future
This covers a whole variety of little things that have happened, so bare with me.
1. OK, a small one. If I'm not mistaken, on more than one occasion when someone on the ship experiences time travel Chakotay is seen, am I correct? Anyway, in the first two seasons above Chakotay's left temple there is a small patch of gray, but when someone goes back in time, its no longer there. Did Chakotay dye his hair in the first season?
2. The Janeway hair problem. Now, usually when there is an "old" episode, that took place during their first two years in the Delta Quadrant, Janeway has her hair in a bun, with the exception when her and Chakotay are left behind. Anyway, in one incidence, in the episode where we meet up with the 29th century ship that is Voyager's "guardian angel", Janeway has to go back to prevent Captain Braxton from destroying the ship, she does not wear the bun and no one questions the sudden hair change.
3. --A more recent boo-boo. In the most recent new episode with the Klingons, there is a small mistake. If you will picture the movie The Undiscovered Country, the Klingons are wearing semi-different attire than the ones in the Voyager episode. The attire isn't the current, if I'm not mistaken, but it is most likely a mistake. Also, in The Undiscovered Country, the cranial ridges on the Klingons are less pronounced than the ones in the Voyager episode.
That is all for now, there may be future updates.
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Contributed By: Warlord on 02-11-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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pokedave2001 writes:
Technology was not as good back then. Even in DS9 when the defiant went back in time, the Kligons were different.
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Mr. Masks writes:
*L* Yeah, I know what you mean about her hair. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the show and was really into it.. but during the commercial break I was asking myself "Why wouldn't anyone notice her hair?" But, if I had to guess, I'd say that no one would mention it because she was the captain. And if you recall back to the first season, she specifically said in one of the first few episodes that she shouldn't get close to the crew or couldn't picture herself doing that or something like that. I think that the time she went back to was during a time that she was still kinda distanced from the crew. Just a thought, though.
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Zozzy writes:
Also, when Janeway went back in time (The episode was called Relativity) B'Elanna ran past her and was speaking to the future Janeway. There was some kind of crisis going on and I don't think we would have heard: "Captain the ship's going to blow up, and by the way what have you done to your hair? It's very nice!"
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