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Star Trek: First Contact - Sound in Space?
When Worf and Captain Picard are walking on the outside of the ship trying to destroy the Borg beacon,when it is released,you hear the noise of these hooks coming off,and the Borg beacon being released.How would it be possible for sound to travel in space?If it is possible,how come Worf and Picard were using radios?The writers at Star Trek seem to put as much detail in as possible,(demonstrated by Geordi's technobabble)but this was a huge bug!
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Special Requirements: A TV,and the First Contact video or DVD
Contributed By: Dylan Rush on 11-26-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Flinx writes:
It's called artistic license. The SFX people no quite well there is no sound in space but the scene would be really boring with out the sound. If it really bothers you turn your tv down and watch it that way.
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Jedi chick writes:
Oh jeez. Of course there isn't any sound in space, but like this other person said, imagine how boring it would sound...not too interesting. To get my meaning, watch the movie 2001 Space Oddesey. Not a single sound out in that portion of space.
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Dylan Rush writes:
You're right. It would be pretty boring. Don't blame me though, because my friend Noah spotted this one and I forgot to give him credit.
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Noah writes:
I know, It is picky.. I know it would be boring without sound, I prefer it with sound, I was just pointing it out.
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Raj writes:
Star Trek realistic? Come on now. As much as I like Star Trek myself, I realisze that there are so many holes in it I don't bother. What fun would it be without the warp-out sound or the phaser banks firing? The day Star Trek gets realistic is the day James Bond does too.
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Kwigibo writes:
The no sound in space slip up happens in every space movie. If they followed the laws of physics then all the space battles would have no sound, and phaser blast and explosions would be silent. You could still here the radios though, as you are hearing what they are hearing and radio waves can still be transmitted through space.
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EricKoch writes:
Have you seen Wing Commander? How do you go NORTH in space? The extremes that that really awful movie takes with both sound and gravity in space makes Star Trek look like Nova.
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Taylor writes:
If radio's didn't work in space, then How do you suppose satellites work, and how did Neal Armstrong transmit his "small step for man..." speech? I think you made a Slip up too!
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captain simian writes:
Now, although sound can't travel through a vaccum, it can travel through solid objects. Haven't any of you ever stuck your ear up against a pole on a swing-set or something and heard sound from it, or used a set of tin can telephones? And as for people not being able to hear the warp sound, phaser sound, etc. has it occured to you that maybe the video is being picked up in space, but the sound is from your viewing perspective (IE inside the ship)? Now the sound of a phaser blowing a chunk off of another ship and stuff is a bit of a stretch though. Oh well, those are just my views....
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Drone1551 writes:
People, please! If there was no sound in ANY space battle or scenario, then it would be pretty boring!!! Is that any different from when the bottle broke across the bow of the Enterprise-B in "Generations"? NO! If there was NO sound effect for any specific thing like that, then it would be hard to follow what the people in space were doing unless they go to subtitles for those who can't understand why they put sound in space scenes. 8 dollars just to get into the Theater I would demand sound all through ANY movie. :P
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Phil writes:
The Star Trek people have known perfectly well all along that there's no sound out there in space. They put it in to make it way more interesting (thank you everyone out there who left a message about this and has half a wit in them).
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T2 writes:
Sure why not sound in space? I don't recall everhearing music playing and bulding up tempo when something scary or exciting happens to me but almost ALL movies have THAT!
15 of 6576 found this helpful. Did you? Yes writes:
Read the book 'Physics of Star Trek' and it outlines thousands of Star Trek slip-ups. One of which is that if you fire a phaser beam, the light only goes in the direction of the object they are firing it at. So how come you can see it? Anyone around would be stunned! FOR TECHNOLOGICAL NEWS, VISIT
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falcon writes:
On the radio I heard an interview with some astronaut (I can't remember who) and he said that you can here sounds in space because space is not a perfect vacuum- there are a few atoms in each square centimeter. However, he did say that you have to be very close to the object that makes the sound (a few millimeters away).
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wraith writes:
he's right. tell me a sci-fi flick without sound in space (the futuristic ones)
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Gul Dukat writes:
First off, the people here are saying that there's no sound OUTSIDE the ships. There can be sound inside the ships because the inside isn't a vacuum and there's a medium through which it can travel. Second of all, it would be pretty boring if there was no sound in Star Trek. Third of all, 2001: A Space Oddysey had NO sound for like half the movie, or so I've heard, and that was supposed to be incredibly futuristic, what with us going to Jupiter and all. Fourth of all, the crew of the ship would need an approximation of the sound that would exist in an environment with a medium for sound to travel through so that they could tell where it was coming from, where they're being hit, what they're being hit with, and so on.
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Shawn writes:
Poetic licenses for dramatic effect put aside for the moment, sound can travel in space through media such as: the ship's hull (and anyone inside a space suit in contact with the hull), free-floating nebular gases (which may have been concentrated by sticking to the hull of a ship), or the gases escaping from an explosion or some engine exhaust. Granted, the acoustics would be distorted, but you have to bear in mind that you are watching scenes such as these from the audience's point of view, not the characters'.
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GK writes:
I know how they can explain sound in space. In Star Trek and other sci-fi shows, we always see ships getting blown up into thousands of pieces. Now if this happened to many, many ships, then perhaps what remains of these ships forms into very fine particles and gases. If this happens, then these areas of space would no longer be a vacuum and sound would be possible.
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jessoperkins writes:
Phasers do not fire light, they fire phased energy over a carrier beam. (Phased beam of energy)
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Morna writes:
Radio waves are part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, as is light. EM waves do not require matter to travel. If they did, we couldn't get much light from the sun. As for the "It's a MOVIE", I thought the point of this was to find things that are inaccurate. That doesn't mean we dissapprove of the artistic choices made, it just means we enjoy finding mistakes.
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