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Clue - How Could She Do That?
Mrs. White is upstairs screaming right before Yvette is strangled. In the third ending we see that Mrs. White killed her. Mrs. White would've had to run downstairs and go in front of Yvette. Yvette would've seen her at this time. Then she would've run back upstairs to scream again. This is almost impossible.
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Jabba the Hutt on 02-06-2001
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Jabba the Hutt writes:
There are three endings. One is where Yvette kills the cook and Mr. Boddy and Miss Scarlet kills the rest. The second is where Mrs. Peacock kills them all. And the ending I am talking about, Prof. Plum kills Mr. Boddy, Mrs. Peacock kills the cook, Colonel Mustard kills the motorist, Mrs. White kills Yvette, Miss Scarlet kills the cop, and Wadsworth kills the singing telegram girl. Mrs. White can not possibly be upstairs screaming and then make it downstairs in time for Yvette to not see her. Then she has to run back upstairs to scream again.
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nachtmuzic writes:
It was not necessarily a man's voice with Yvette. It could have been a woman's as well speaking low. The point was to confuse the viewer. Also: Yvette was not who she was pretending to be: a maid. This is why she lost her accent. The person she was talking to was an acquaintance, perhaps her co-conspiritor, whatever, who knew she wasn't really a maid therefore no need for the accent. It could have been Mrs. White, No reason why she had to scream at the same time Yvette was being killed, she could have run back upstairs and screamed just to draw attention to people that she WAS upstairs the whole time.
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nothingelsebettertodo writes:
I thought in the final, correct ending, everybody kills somebody. Not one person kills everyone.
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punkbrad7 writes:
Actually, if you want to get right down to it, the timelines in the movie are very tweaked out. When the last three murders take place, you have to take into account that all of them not only had the time to kill people, but this is how I see it as happening: Mrs. White sneaks downstairs, and turns off the electricity. She goes to the study, gets the rope, goes to the billiards room, and talks to Yvette. While she's in the Billiards Room, Ms. Scarlet heads to the Library, and kills the cop. Mrs. White is already on her way back up the stairs, and screams. Wadsworth tries to find her, and instead finds the shower. Ms Scarlet heads to a different room in the downstairs, and Wadsworth comes down, and opens the door, still dripping wet. He grabs the gun, shoots the singing telegram girl, slams the door, and then turns on the lights. As for the others, they actually gave sufficient evidence in all three scenes to support all three endings. Professor Plum, Yvette, and Mrs Peacock are all missing in the kitchen, Mrs Peacock is the only one missing when the Cook is killed, and they don't show how long it takes Ms Scarlet to find Colonel Mustard after he leaves her in the Ballroom.
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ldybrdway writes:
As you find out in the final ending it was actually the Butler that killed everyone. Yvette's accent was a fake! She was Mr. Boddy's accomplice in the scam. When she went into the room, she thought that it was Mr. Boddy in the darkness making sure she wasn't seen as she came in. You may also have noticed that the negatives from the pictures of Col. Mustard were with Yvette (Ms Scarlet says "You may want to see these Yvette" and Yvette says "No ma'am I am a lady") Hence the "they know ever inch of my body" thing. Hope that helped Ginny
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GuiltyByDesign writes:
all i know is ldybrdwy doesn't know what she's talking about. heh
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darcy_monkey writes:
I think that the whole thing could not have happened in the final ending. I have watched the movie that many times and the only ending that fits is the one where it was Miss Scarlet. This is the only ending that fits including the part where Yvette (spelling???) stayed afterwards when everyone went to see the cook. It all fits and also when Yvette is about to be killed the killer says something like "close the door". These are my thoughts anyway.
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chandlerx4 writes:
Thanks ginny, helped loads...but here's the thing: The butler didn't kill EVERYONE. He just killed the singing telegram girl...right? The others one a piece. That's what Mr. Green says at the end, right? Thanks anyway though, I appreciate the help. But I'm still a little confuzzled
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chandlerx4 writes:
Oh no, jabba, you totally misunderstood. None of us were denouncing the slip up. I was just confused about how Yvette died and who was in the room with her. I just needed help understanding. No, it was a good slip up. I was just confused about something else that was a little sidetracked. That's all. =)
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Mindy Doll writes:
Moivechic, he means the one who the guys thought was Body at the beginning.
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svurookie writes:
Yvette was the one talking the whole time, I think she was talking to herself. You hear "Shut the door. Did anyone recognize you..." And you see that Yvette's mouth is moving, there is no accent, and then I think she is surprised when the rope is tossed over her neck because she is surprised when she says "It's you!" I don't think she expected it, I also don't think she knew anyone was in the room with her. I think she was talking to herself and got a shock when there was someone waiting in the dark for her.
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chandlerx4 writes:
Can anyone please explain to me what exactly was going on when Yvette was killed? I seriously don't understand. who was she talking to when she first entered the billiard room?? she walks in, and a MANS voice says, "did anybody see you?" she says something like, "No...*mumble mumble* but they know every inch of my body, and their not the only ones." with NO flippin accent! who is she talking to?? why did she say that? and what happened to her accent? I was so confused, cuz they never explain it later. someone tell me!
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Sara Jo writes:
Just an interesting factoid for everyone. Did you ever wonder why the film had three endings to begin with? Well, in the theater, it didn't. When it was released, different theaters got the movie with one of the three endings, so that viewers could not give the ending of the film away. Pretty cool, huh?
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moviechic writes:
Jabba, when you are explaining who murdered whom, why do you mention Mr. Body and Wadsworth as two different people? Wadsworth admitting to being Mr. Body in the final ending.
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