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Pokemon - Grass Vs. Rock/Fire Vs. Rock
Watch the first episode of the "Pikachu Party" video. This is the episode where Ash and friends discover the Sunnytown bicycle gang.
During the battle, Chopper sends out Golem, a rock Pokemon. Ash sends out Bulbasaur, a Grass Pokemon. In the game, grass pokemon are strong agaisnt rock, but Golem defeats Bulbasaur. Now then, Ash sends out Charmander, a fire pokemon. Fire pokemon are weak against rock pokemon, but Charmander defeats Golem. It should be the other way around.
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A copy of the video "Pikachu Party
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Anonymous on 11-12-2000
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Timtim writes:
Who are you to say what "should" happen and what "shouldn't" happen? Yes, it is true that rock/ground pokemon are strong against fire. Yes, it is true that grass pokemon are strong against ground/rock Pokemon. I will present two cases: (1) The cartoon is not similar to R/B/Y. If this is true, then the answer is simple: because they're not similar, there's nothing that can be said of what "should" and "should not" have happened. Moreover, Pokemon can possess "weak points" (such as Rhydon's horn when Pikachu used an electric attack) unlike the game where Pokemon do not possess weak points. (2) The cartoon IS similar to R/B/Y. This has a bit more truth to it, as they've pointed out similar facts between the game and the cartoon. Just like a comment stated above, the only thing being relied on is type. So a Pokemon has a type advantage; so what? What about level? Strategy? Mood? And, if one wishes to present G/S concepts, the item they are holding? In the episode "Charizard Chills", Charizard fights a Polywrath, a water type. Charizard is fire/flying, Polywrath is water/fighting, but the important fact is Polywrath's water advantage. Charizard wins; "it should be the other way around" as you put it. But that's obviously false. In the episode "School of Hard Knocks", Misty's Staryu battles somebody's Graveler. Graveler defeats Staryu .. "it should be the other way around". In the episode where Ash obtains the volcano badge, Ash uses Pikachu against Rhydon, a rock Pokemon. Pikachu defeats it; "it should be the other way around". The point I'm trying to make is this: using the word "should" must only be used when something should always happen. I think this "slipup" isn't a slipup at all; only disregarding other facts.
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Timtim writes:
Yes, but maybe that Golem was at a higher level than Bulbasaur. After all, it's level, not only type, that determines who wins. Did you watch the episode, "School of Hard Knocks"? Graveler defeated Misty's Staryu, despite the fact that rock Pokemon are weak against water. I wouldn't call this a slip-up, only disregarding other possible facts.
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Poke Actor writes:
Most puzzling... I think Golem's weakness is in the cracks. The reason why Grass attacks aren't effective may be because Vine Whip and Razor Leaf are not only hard and physical, but it hits the hard part of Golem's rock-hard... rocks. Charmander's flamethrower surrounded Golem, reaching inside the crack lines and may well burn it. I think this may be the case for all other Pokemon.
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Mars Guo writes:
OK, this slipup is just stupid. This is coming from someone who only pays attention to the types of their Pokemon and not the level, strategy, or mood. I have a Raichu which beats up Onix and Graveler all the time on my Red version, so you can't say that types are all that matters. If that was true, the whole game would be a bunch of coin flipping to determine the winner. First off on this matter, if I must put it on terms you'll understand: Bulbasaur is a Poison type. Golem is a Ground Pokemon. Ground Pokemon are strong vs. Poison Pokemon. Secondly, Ash's Pokemon have more experience, as inaccurate as that seems. Third, the writers have been given instructions for Ash to win. Otherwise, we'd have a bunch of sobbing 6-year-olds bawling like one of Gary's Cheerleaders. I really don't think I have to go into it any more.
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Stealth killer writes:
The reason Charmander won is because the makers of the show wanted him to evolve so he needed to win a lot. For example, in "Primeape goes bananas" Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Pikachu were unsuccessful (even koffing and ekans who are poison and have some advantage over him, lost) in defeating primeape but Charmander burned him.
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Sparky writes:
You must also put in the concept of LEVELS, golem against bulbasaur; golem won MAYBE because he was a higher level than Ash's Bulbasaur... and so on and so forth! -=Sparky=-
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Timtim writes:
And that's exactly what the anonymous poster didn't think about; levels. That's exactly the point I'm trying to bring across, how saying something like "it should be the other way around" is such a terrible statement, because it's dictating what should and shouldn't happen in the show.
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TimberWolf365 writes:
I said it three million times (maybe not that many), but I'll say it again. The R/B/Y is different from the anime! Pokemon types may have slight advantages, but little words that say "it was not very effective" pop up on the anime when a fire Pokemon attacks a rock/ground one.
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MewMaster9000 writes:
Settle Down. This is a Pokémon message board thing. Not the Jerry Springer show!
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