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Charmed - Season 2 Slipups
This slipup appears in every episode. During the opening credits they show the picture of the 3 sisters and it moves closer just like on the 1st episode. Well, if you look closly,there's Shannon as Prue, Holly as Piper, but the person in the picture is not Alyssa as Phoebe.
Episode 1- "Witch Trial"
The sisters are up in the attic ready to defeat Abraxsis, he sends them sliding across the attic floor. But there is a side view of them sliding and you can clearly see that they are being pulled by some thin black wire.
When the sisters were at the park chanting the spell that gave them their powers, we see Prue wearing a pink shirt and it was definitely in a perfect condition. But after Abraxas appeared before them and after vanquishing him, Prue's shirt has a torn on the left shoulder!
One can see Piper's tattoo on her back shoulder blade poorly covered with make-up.
Episode 2- "Morality Bites"
At the beginning, there are two spells, one to go to the future, the other to return to the present. When Prue and Piper find the book of shadows in the safe, the spells are gone. Later, Prue points out that some of the pages are marked. While she's flipping through the pages, one of the spells that's shown is the "Return Spell." It's the exact same spell they showed at the beginning of the show.
There is a camera taping with a red light so the people r suppose to be watching Phoebe because she is a very dangerous and because she is a witch she could do some weird spell to get out. But they didnt see Leo orb in or out.
When they return to the present at the end of the show and Piper turns on the TV to see what year they are in, the news story about Cal Greene comes on the TV and Phoebe says that is what triggered her premonition and she says "We're back where we started" and right after she says that they hear the dog outside going to the bathroom. But if you remember that in the beginning of the show the dog went to the bathroom first then they did their act of revenge and then after that is when Phoebe saw the Cal Greene story.
The first scene shows Piper from the grocery store. She goes out to put her sandals outside and then comes in to change the milk carton near Prue with, as i assume, a new one from the grocery. But if you look closely, the milk carton that Piper just placed on the counter is swaying, which means it's obviously empty. Did she just replace their milk carton with another empty one?
Episode 3- "The Painted World"
When Phoebe is in her room writing out the smart spell and Piper knocks on the door, Phoebe quickly stuffs the spell in the middle of the book. When Piper finally leaves Phoebe pulls out the book of shadows, doesn't open to the middle of the book, she opens the front cover and lo and behold, the spell is inside the front cover.
When Prue first arrived in the painting, she told Malcolm that she has two sisters who will get them out. However, when Piper lands inside, he acts as if Piper is the only other sister. But Prue told him she had two, so what was he thinking?
And finally, when the painting burns we see Prue putting it out with a fire extinguisher. The picture is gone and the frame is fried, yet there is not a mark on the WOODEN chair the painting rested on.
When Phoebe is in her room creating the smart spell and she pushes the Book of Shadows under her covers when Piper comes in, you can still see the ribbons of the book on the bed. Put after Piper leaves, Phoebe goes to take out the book again and there are no ribbons on the bed
When Piper gets the painting from Prues office the door is open when she freezes the guy, but when she leaves she has to open the door herself.
Phoebe puts the book of shadows under her bed Piper comes in and sits on the bed, right on the book. Why doesn't Piper notice what she's sitting on?
Episode 4- "The Devil's Music"
Piper's pearl necklace disappears from around her neck.
After Piper tells Prue and Phoebe about having Dishwalla playing at her club, the doorbell rings and she runs to answer it. You can clearly see the black mic box on her back of when she goes to get the door
When Leo tells Prue, Piper, and Phoebe about the demon Prue is missing the necklace that she was wearing in the previous scene also at the end of this scene the necklace magically reapears
Phoebe's pearl necklace magically has a charm on it and she is also wearing a second neck lace. Next clip, no charm and no second necklace.
Episode 5- "Shes a Man, Baby a Man"
When Phoebe sees through the Succubus's eyes when they are at the club and at "A Fine Romance" EVERYTIME Phoebe sees through her eyes you can see the Succubus. You have to look closely and sometimes she is in a different dress. Also, while at "A Fine Romance," You see the Succubus walking right and then you see (Like one second later) through the Sucubus's eyes her going left but where she was would have to be on the left side of the screen.
When Phoebe is in heat (like the Succubus) she sweats alot but her clothes never get wet. Unless she isnt human that isn't possible.
Episode 8- "P3 H20"
In the beginning, Prue is wearing a red top, but when Prue goes to the docks to talk to the counseler with Piper and Phoebe she is wearing a white shirt.
There were two buses loaded of kids that came to the lake and they are all about to swim, but when Phoebe had them all in that cabin so that she could blow the powder on them there was only about 10.
When Prue goes to flick the power box, her hair is perfectly dry. When they show her again her hair is soaked.
When Piper and Phoebe are on the dock trying to save the person they think is the old lady and Piper takes off her jacket and drops it on the dock but when they turn to run it isn't on the dock
When Piper and Phoebe run toward the dock while the water warlock strikes behind Prue, Piper runs ahead of phoebe. But when Piper freezes Leo, Phoebe is closer to the dock than Piper.
When Dan brings Piper breakfast for the first time and she freezes him as Leo appears, she closes the door. if you watch closely the orange juice bottles moves quite a few times, and i'm sure that he moves also. isn't he meant to be frozen?
Episode 9- "Ms. Hellfire"
Piper freezes Marcy and her hands are faced sorta upwards, then when Dan comes in Phoebe puts a blanket over her and when she takes it off, Marcy's hands are faced outwards, defintely different from when Piper froze her.
Episode 11- "Reckless Abandon"
In the scene when Prue comes home after she bought a lot of things for the baby Matthew, Prue finds that Piper is with Dan and with the Baby, and they have to change the baby's diaper. The takes (or Shots) where Prue And Piper are changing the diaper to the baby, you can see at the bottom of the screen a supposed foot of the baby, and u can see even the toes of the baby, but if you stare that foot you can see that the foot doesn't move, and clearly u can see that this is the foot of a doll.
Episode 13- "Animal Pragmatism"
Leo and Piper are hugging in P3, Piper's arm is around Leo's neck then the camera does a view of Leo's back, her arms are around his waist, the camera goes back and forth, they are like hugging while having a conversation, every time you see her back, her arms, are around his neck, every time you see Leo's back, they are around his waist.
When Prue is at home (she just finished calling her friend) she looks at the vase on the shelf and decides to move it. When the camera first shows the vase its on the left side of the screen, but when we see Prue moving it, the camera shows that the vase in starting from the right side (so the vase ended up on the left side it should have ended up on the right)
Episode 14- "Pardon My Past"
After Pheobe casts the last spell at the nursing home (to go back in time and have control of her own body)- She is wearing a purple-blue necklace, but when they show Anton putting on the amulet her neck is bare.
When Phoebe casts the spell to switch life forces with her past self the evil Phoebe was on the hospital bed and Anton PUTS the necklace on evil Phoebe yet when evil Phoebe gets up the necklace doesn't fall - did we see Anton put the necklace around Phoebe's neck???
When they're looking at the family tree, and the date of evil Phoebe's death is Feb 17th, 1924, good Phoebe then says "the same age I am also." If you pause it, the date of birth of evil Phoebe was 1894 so, evil Phoebe was around 30 when she died. If good Phoebe was, as she said, the same age, she would also be nearly 30. However, in the last episode of the first season, they meet Joanne Hurtz, the overachiever who was in Piper's grade at school and Phoebe said "No one is that successful at age 26." ie.Piper was 26 too. Phoebe is meant to be younger than Piper, so how come she's nearly 30 and Piper was 26 just a season ago?
Episode 15- "Give Me a Sign"
When the witches are in the tomb to vanquish Litvac Piper freezes the room. In the camera angle where you see Litvac, Bane, and the other demon frozen, the flames of the torches on the wall are frozen, but when you see the three sisters, the torches behind them have moving flames.
Episode 18- "Chick Flick"
In the scene when the demon is talking to Billy at the revival house, both of them tubble off the screen. As they're tubbling down and they are at the stairs, you can see that Billy is in color (in a split second). When he gets up, then he is in black and white.
When Phoebe is putting the makeup on Billy...Every few times the camera moves, watch and see how many times the makeup sponge thinga-mabobber moves from Pheebs right hand to her left hand!
When the sisters vanquish the ax-murder, his hat is sometimes off, and sometimes on. When he grabs the heater, his hat is on. When the water is poured on him, his hat is off. When he drops to the ground, his hat is on.
In the basement when Prue take the picture of Finley Beck, his coat is brown. At the end when Prue shows everyone the picture, Finley's coat in the picture is red.
When Phoebe is painting Billy's face and they kiss and she stops and looks at his face. The paint is smeared off his lips so that his lips are black and white. Then the phone rings and he turns around and you can see that his lips are colored again, then it shows him up close and his lips are black and white.
Episode 19- "Ex Libris"
When Prue is about to leave the pawn shop she says "...I hope it doesn't come back to haunt you" Prue waved her finger from left to right (she is using her powers) an object falls from the right to the left!
When Gibbs opens up the pawn shop in the end, he throws a couple flyers of Tyra in the garbage can. There is obviously more than 1 flyer. However, when Charleen picks it up to show Gibbs, ther's only one flyer instead of a couple flyers.
When Phoebe was asleep on the kitchen table with her books- She was lying there with her head on a book and a blue hiliter in her hand like she had been writing with it. Then Piper and Leo walk in and the camera is taken off of her. When the camera comes back on her, the hiliter is in her hand differently and the books are laying differently on the table.
In the scene where Dan and Leo are fighting (besides the fact that you can tell in a couple of scenes that the blond guy is totally not Brian Krause) when Piper freezes Dan as he's about to punch Leo, the camera froze Dan with his hand pulled back to about his head. Then when they show Leo, Dan's fist was like 6 inches from his face.
When Gibbs goes crashing thru the pawn shop window, they show the stunt guy from head on and it's is so totally obvious that it wasn't Gibbs. It was a different guy! They should have shot that from a different angle.
Near the beginning of the episode, Phoebe explains to Charlene that ghosts cannot channel their anger into moving physical objects. If that is true, then why was Charlene able to knock the blue plates off of the counter, grab Libris' ax thingy, and move all of the things in the pawn shop, including Gibbs!!
Charlene was supposedly a ghost that couldn't grab or touch things. She finds out she is a ghost and goes into the Halliwells house though the wall. When they are leaving the house Charlene bumped into the door. But she couldn't touch anything.
Episode 20- "Astral Monkey"
When Piper prints the paper for all the people listed in the hospital jail, the list goes all the way to the end of the page but then when the same paper appears later in the episode the list goes half way.
When Dr. Willamson and the girls are fighting at the end , he sends a blade flying towards the girls. As he sends it, Phoebe's head turns and Piper freezes and Prue screams. When the camera angle changes, Phoebe's head is facing straight and Pipers hands are in the wrong position.
In the beginning, when Piper and Phoebe are talking about Leo. Piper is wearing a necklace, the camera looks at Piper, she's wearing a long chain, then the camera looks at Phoebe, then back at Piper and the chain is about an inch shorter.
When Prue was photographing Evan, she looked at the monkeys armband through the camera. The camera never clearly focused on the rose on the bracelet, she couldn't have seen it.
Prue left the Manor & ran through the reporters w/out her purse or any baggage. Then when shes talking to Evan she has her purse...
When Dr. Williamson frezes the other guy that comes into the lab room, the frozen guy starts moving, but very slightly, like hes trying to stay still.
Episode 21- "Apocalypse Not"
When the horsemen go back to the manor with Piper and Phoebe, Phoebe uses different items to try to figure out why Prue and the fourth horseman disappered. After she puts all the items in a place on the table, the candle switches back and forth from the top left to the bottom left.
When the girls come back from shopping, Phoebes's dress (the part of the string how it is over her shoulder to hold the dress up), anyway, in one picture the string is down and in the next it goes up!!
Episode 22- "Be Careful What You Witch For"
Phoebe looks in the book of shadows so she can find something to vanquish the genie, then, if you haven't noticed, she is looking in the book of shadows where there are no spells on the pages!
Piper and Leo pull up to the manor and Piper goes to talk to dan, when she returns to Leo they are both stood in front of her car then the camera cuts to teenage Prue pulling up in her car. when it cuts back to Piper and Leo they are no longer stood in front of Pipers jeep but in front of the door of the manor.
Do you know at the how Leo has so distract the demon while Phoebe gets the lamp from under the chair? Well, Leo orbs off, notice that the picture is very diferent. You can tell because when Phoebe turns her head, Leo orbs off, then when he orbs off, it looks like Phoebe turned her head in the same direction twice in one go!!
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eyes and all the episodes
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Anonymous on 10-11-2000
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Phillecia writes:
OK... in the one with the P3 H20... you said that when Piper and Phoebe are running to help Prue, well you said that Piper was ahead of Phoebe then she freezes Leo and the Phoebe is ahead of her. Well, that's not a slipup because Piper STOPPED to freeze Leo which OBVIOUSLY means that Phoebe ran ahead of her.
73 of 77 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
badbabe writes:
I read in the Charmed site that there was in fact another girl playing Phoebe before Alyssa. Her name was Lori Rom, she appeared in an episode that never aired. Rumour has it she left for personal reasons, then Aaron Spelling offered the job to Alyssa. So in the opening credits, the girl you see that is meant to be Phoebe is most likely Lori Rom.
52 of 53 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Chris writes:
In Episode 15, where the flames behind the girls aren't moving there is a very good reason for it. If you pay attention to other episodes, you will see that only the things in front of Pipers hands freeze, unless it is a human/demon/etc.
22 of 23 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Sam writes:
First of all in the opening song, you see someone else as Pheobe because in the pilot episode, and when the opening was filmed, there was another actress who was casted as Pheobe, before Alyssa came.
23 of 27 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
starlet writes:
In Ex Libris, Phoebe doesn't say that ghosts can't move stuff. She says that neophyte ghosts can't move stuff. (A neophyte ghost is a new ghost) She later says "lucky for me you're a quick study" meaning that Charleen can and did learn to move stuff.
18 of 20 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
DanaMac writes:
You mentioned that in episode 13, Prue moves the vase from right to left instead of left to right. That's not completely correct. She looks at the vase, moves it from the left to the right, then decides it was better where it was to begin with, and moves it back from the right to the left. Maybe you blinked for the first move. You have obviously watched these shows and studied them a lot. I hate to break it to you, but you'd probably enjoy the show a LOT more if you put your notebook down and just took in the fantasy!
17 of 18 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Rokk Z writes:
In the scene where Dan and Leo are fighting (besides the fact that you can tell in a couple of scenes that the blond guy is totally not Brian Krause) when Piper freezes Dan as he's about to punch Leo, the camera froze Dan with his hand pulled back to about his head. Then when they show Leo, Dan's fist was like 6 inches from his face. Thats what you wrote- here's my comment. Put two items about a foot away from each other, at eye-level. Now walk around them in a circle. At one point, they will probably look very close together. So it must have had something to do with the camera angles.
17 of 25 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Jason Black writes:
All right. Most of these slipups are rightfully noticed, but I have one about the episode "Morality Bites". You said that when they went back to "where they started", we see the story about Cal Greene. However, let me explain. They took revenge on Pratt BEFORE the story when Phoebe go ther premonition, and when they went back they heard the dog bark and saw it going to the bathroom. The Elders would have erased what they did and changed time for the to be able to redo that moment. That's why Phoebe didn't have the premonition when she saw Cal Greene.
7 of 8 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
charmedfreak writes:
God your a moron, When the Author wrote Episode 1 He obviously meant it as Season 2 Episode 1. And to the Author, Why dont you stop wasting your time pointing out every single minor goof, Who Cares?
4 of 5 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
jenkirk writes:
Actually no, these are season season 1 Piper works at Quake, it doesn't become P3 until later. Season one consists of the following episodes... "Something Wicca This Way Comes" (Episode #1) "I've Got You Under My Skin" (Episode #2) "Thank You For Not Morphing" (Episode #3) "Dead Man Dating" (Episode #4) "Dream Sorcerer" (Episode #5) "The Wedding From Hell" (Episode #6) "The Fourth Sister" (Episode #7) "The Truth Is Out There...And It Hurts" (Episode #8) "The Witch is Back" (Episode #9) "Wicca Envy" (Episode #10) "Feats of Clay" (Episode #11) "The Wendigo" (Episode #12) "From Fear to Eternity" (Episode #13) "Secrets and Guys" (Episode #14) "Is There a Woogy in the House?" (Episode #15) "Which Prue Is It, Anyway?" (Episode #16) "That 70's Episode" (Episode #17) "When Good Warlocks Go Bad" (Episode #18) "Blind Sided" (Episode #19) "Power of Two" (Episode #20) "Love Hurts" (Episode #21) "Deja Vu All Over Again" (Episode #22)
4 of 6 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
isitinjapanese? writes:
Did Piper sit on the bed to talk with Phoebe in "The Painted World"? I thought she stood the whole time and left after the conversation...will have to re-watch. But seriously, this little critique has just killed my Charmed buzz...bummer!
1 of 1 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Tezz4Eva1989 writes:
The Chair could have easily not gotten burned, she probably put it out BEFORE the fire got to the chair.
6 of 12 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Blair writes:
None of these are season two ¿? I don't know what you are talking about.
2 of 4 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Melon654 writes:
In the episode Chick Flick after phoebe finishes Billy's make-up. they are kissing again later and i think either prue or piper walks in and that time when phoebe stops kissing him his make-up is still isn't smeared liek last time they were kissing.
1 of 2 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
darkprincess writes:
[quote]hunk-studley writes: Have to call a MAJOR Slip-Up on this author. The title for his slip-up is "Season 2 slip-ups", but all episodes mentioned are SEASON 1.[unquote] Sorry to tell you hun but your wrong. The episodes listed here are ALL Season 2 I don't know why you would think that they were Season 1.
0 of 1 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
Melon654 writes:
DanaMac writes: "You mentioned that in episode 13, Prue moves the vase from right to left instead of left to right. That's not completely correct. She looks at the vase, moves it from the left to the right, then decides it was better where it was to begin with, and moves it back from the right to the left. Maybe you blinked for the first move." No the person who wrote the slip-ups is right, it did start on the right and then when she looked back at the vase she moves it from left to right, THEN SHE MOVES IT THE SECOND TIME. infact he is right
1 of 3 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes
hunk-studley writes:
Have to call a MAJOR Slip-Up on this author. The title for his slip-up is "Season 2 slip-ups", but all episodes mentioned are SEASON 1.
4 of 14 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes

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